Cancer As A Metaphor

laitman_272From the News ( “Human cancers are among the most severe pathology. And the severity of this depends not only on the degree of aggressiveness of the disease, but also the ability to successfully overcome the immunological barriers of the healthy body. Immunity can withstand the introduction and breeding of alien organisms (viruses, bacteria, single and multicellular organisms) because alien genotypes are easily recognized and the body destroys the invading aliens with antibodies.

“A cancerous cell has the same genotype as the healthy cells and at first the body practically does not react to cancer cells. The immune response is virtually absent, no rejection occurs as degeneration of the cancer cell is perceived as their own. But it is nonetheless different from normal cells:

  1. Cancer cells lose their ability to specialization,… or the cells can no longer perform their normal functions.
  2. At the same time, the cancer cells proliferate much more rapidly than healthy cells.
  3. Cancer cells exposed to active migration through the lymphatic vessels. Thus, ahead of healthy cells in the rate of reproduction, they gradually form a tumor. Tumor cells do not perform functions of the body. The migration of cancer cells allows forming a tumor and other organs. With the active reproduction are, in turn, the conditions under which the cells rapidly die. The tumor breaks. The body is destroyed from within. The death of the biological system is imminent.

“The principles of construction and functioning of a nation is almost identical to any biological creation. The country as a living organism, is an evolutionarily formed border, implemented by the mutual exchange of products, information. But for all the progressive activity, the essential and vital factor is the preservation of its identity, i.e., territorial and, importantly, the functional integrity of the country. Without the ‘defense (immune) system,’ protection of a country is unsustainable.

” …humanism can be justified only to a certain extent – if humanity does not go beyond what is permitted, does not destroy the integrity of the current evolutionary system. Exaggerated, unjustified humanism, creates conditions that destroy the basic foundations of the State, should be qualified as a false ‘humanism’ unacceptable under any circumstances and a crime.

“Migration, as such, is estimated to be justified as an evolutionary fluctuation of nature. But when a small refreshing wave turns into a tsunami – a catastrophic situation. … Migrants without encountering a stiff ‘immune response’ are massively introduced into a system alien to them. The vast majority of migrants, as well as cancer cells, do not participate in the public system. Like cancer cells, they consume the products of the state. Like cancer cells, they multiply more actively. Like cancer cells, they also actively migrate to other regions. And finally, like cancer cells, they are fighting for their existence. Struggling for their existence, as individual evolutionarily developed populations with a special mentality, they strongly oppose integration.

“Being in an alien atmosphere,… they will not stop the struggle for the re-establishment of their native culture in the new territories. Recovery from cancer possible. But, unfortunately, only in the early stages. Leaders should stop immigration and deport the immigrants who have arrived, cutting out the tumor, continue therapy, and continue help for the undeveloped nations.

“Wishing good, we are not following the biological laws, often causing irreparable harm.”

My Comment: All systems: still, vegetative, animate, social, etc. are arranged according to one general rule, otherwise they cannot survive. So this makes it possible for us to test them on the basis of their similarity to each other.

When the European Union absorbs immigrants from opposite backgrounds, it doesn’t understand that even if the immigrants are friendly, they cannot get used to life in Europe; they will surely remain in their mentalities, will be opposed to anything that is alien, and will try to arrange the environment that is under their control. Here there is a program of European development…

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One Comment

  1. Sigh………True. Of course, in the case of cancer cells, the correct solution to the problem is to locate and correct what generates them in the first place. This would also be true of most auto- immune diseases. There is a great deal of financial benefit in “not” finding the solution.

    Oh! That would also be true of migrants. Unfortunately, in both case A and case B one has to wonder if the ones who can fix it, really want the correction. In the end, one must judge by the outcome.

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