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Answers To Your Questions, Part 115

laitman_281_02Question: I currently watch and listen to [your Kabbalah] lessons in Hebrew without translation, without understanding anything; and I feel immense pleasure and joy. This bothers me, what am I enjoying? Could it be that this is the way my ego is disguising itself?

Do I need to make an effort to listen in Russian, to understand what you are talking about? I enjoy listening to the sounds, identifying the vocal emphasis (the intonation), the unknown words and language, yet I feel very close.

Answer: Besides feeling the music with the heart, it is necessary to understand the meaning through the intellect, and the main thing is participating in a group.

Question: We study Torah and draw Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light) upon ourselves, arousing our Kelim to attainment. What would you advise your students: to fulfill deficiencies or to search for deficiencies?

Answer: They should enlarge the goal in the eyes of their friends.

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The Camp Is A Laboratory For The Unification Of Souls

laitman_934Torah, “Numbers,” “Chukat” 19:9: A ritually clean person shall gather the cow’s ashes and place them outside the camp in a clean place, and it shall be as a keepsake for the congregation of the children of Israel for sprinkling water, [used] for cleansing.

The ashes of a red cow can be used for purification. If you have the proper connection between Malchut and Bina, it is possible to take the power for correction from there.

A clean person who gathers the ashes means someone who creates the right intention within himself. This speaks only about spiritual and not physical cleanliness.

The camp is a collection of people who practice all the possibilities of connection between each other. There cannot be any absolutely pure space there. Therefore, it is said that he must place the ashes of the red cow “outside the camp in a clean place.” “Outside the camp” means in a place where the power of the Creator is found, where people don’t enter. In the camp can be only an Ark.

The camp in itself embodies a laboratory in which the souls of people try to connect to create a Kli for themselves, a constant common desire to discover the Creator.

Question: Is it possible to call the discussion circles, the workshops of ten people, in which all of us discuss and go through all kinds of situations, a camp?

Answer: No, a camp is not bodies, but desires.

There is a completely different picture here, in which there are desires, a vector (intention and fulfillment), and a degree of connection with the Creator. We are talking only about these three parameters: the desire, coupled with other desires for a shared influence on each other, and to the extent that there is a shared influence towards the Creator, in turn He fulfills the general common desire.

And a camp that is working with an intention for the sake of bestowal is therefore called a “sacred camp.”
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/10/15

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The Low Point Of Globalization

Laitman_115_05Opinion (Alexander Auzan, Professor Moscow State University): “The period of rapid growth has ended, and now has come the longest phase of difficulties associated with the failures of globalization. The economies of individual countries are closely related, dependent on the Federal Reserve, fluctuations in the yuan, but they do not have total control.

“Now, even theoretically, the example of the EU can prove that it is impossible. The EU carried out an incredibly difficult task of constructing a four-tier management system: municipalities, land, nation-states, and itself. The bureaucracy drains its efficiency and a fifth level is impossible. If the global government that Einstein dreamed about is unrealistic, what can be done? Divide into regional blocks. …

“There is another problem: if such an innovation center of the world, like the US, competes with the world’s industrial center, as China, what happens? All this seems as a fight between the lungs and kidneys in a human body. Therefore, we have a poor economic background, and that background may be a different crises.

“Military orders can really warm up the economy, but that is how the First World War began. …

“The division into friends and foes is easy to start, but it will be difficult to stop. What is happening in Ukraine may be the prelude to a major war, and thus the need to untie the knot, and it is important to understand that no military solution to the situation there. When unleashed, it turns out that the military way of solving economic problems is more costly to the parties than restoring the broken down national economy and burying the dead.”

My Comment: The low point of globalization is only an indication that there is no ordinary (egoistic) solution to the problem. We don’t see a solution of bringing egoistic blocks of nation and states closer into one whole in the frameworks of our sciences and our methods.

But there is no low point of globalization, it continues. The natural closeness of the nations continues. It is inevitable and independent of our desire or our ability to establish the right relations between us.

The crisis of Babylon is recurring: all of humanity is in a small space and it needs to start destroying itself and thus postpone the solutions of unity a little or we can begin to unite above our universal ego.

Such unity is possible only through the wisdom of Kabbalah. It is ready for implementation both theoretically and practically. We have to make every effort to show the world that we have this option before the next world war breaks out.

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The Islamic Movement

laitman_220Comment: Tonight in Israel they banned the Northern Faction of the Islamic Movement. Officials were arrested along with their money, communications, and computers. Everything that belongs to this movement was seized. The actions of Israel aroused a great storm in the Muslim world.

Answer: I believe that the nation took these means as a last resort. On the one hand, it is natural that the reaction of the Islamic movement would be stormy and unpleasant. But on the other hand, it seems clear that they had plans that had to be stopped immediately; otherwise a disaster would have been inevitable.

No other choice remained for the nation. According to the laws of the Torah, “”If someone is coming to kill you, rise against him and kill him first” (Bamidbar Rabbah 21:4). So we must defend ourselves without paying attention to what the world will say! And in any case the world will still be enraged in sending warnings here and making all kinds of decisions. We don’t need to pay attention to this; that is all! All kinds of declarations and reactions shouldn’t come from us: neither good nor bad.  

The time has arrived for us to get involved because we are the ones who are the ones responsible for these adverse reactions, and the situation in the world is the result of our shortcomings, meaning the lack of connection between us.

We are the stopper that closes the passage of the good higher energy into our world. Therefore humanity only develops in evil, within the ego! The second wing, the positive second power, cannot be found; it isn’t being revealed in our world. It must be revealed; it must be taken out from concealment, and the ego must be balanced through it.

And only the Jews can do this through their connection and union. And then through our union, as if through a lens, the higher energy will transmit goodness to the world, balancing the evil forces, and the world will come to peace. This sums up the role of the Jews in the world, the cause of anti-Semitism, and the correction of the world.

Let us hope that we will correct the world specifically this way, and not the prohibition of various organizations. After all, we have the possibility of transforming them into something good! It depends only on us!
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 11/17/15

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How Can We Delight The Creator?

laitman_940Question: How can we delight the Creator if He is an emotionless law of nature? What does it mean to delight the Creator, and how can I determine whether it is achieved?

Answer: We attribute our qualities to the Creator, and this is how we imagine Him. We have another opportunity. This description is called the language of the Torah.

Kabbalists describe Him as forces that they feel, and this description is called the language of Kabbalah.

The Creator is perceived by us as the sum of all of the best relationships between people, as absolute love. I begin to feel what it means to delight the Creator by delighting the people around me in the group. I emphasize the point of the group because only there does the feeling of the upper state appear.

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