The Islamic Movement

laitman_220Comment: Tonight in Israel they banned the Northern Faction of the Islamic Movement. Officials were arrested along with their money, communications, and computers. Everything that belongs to this movement was seized. The actions of Israel aroused a great storm in the Muslim world.

Answer: I believe that the nation took these means as a last resort. On the one hand, it is natural that the reaction of the Islamic movement would be stormy and unpleasant. But on the other hand, it seems clear that they had plans that had to be stopped immediately; otherwise a disaster would have been inevitable.

No other choice remained for the nation. According to the laws of the Torah, “”If someone is coming to kill you, rise against him and kill him first” (Bamidbar Rabbah 21:4). So we must defend ourselves without paying attention to what the world will say! And in any case the world will still be enraged in sending warnings here and making all kinds of decisions. We don’t need to pay attention to this; that is all! All kinds of declarations and reactions shouldn’t come from us: neither good nor bad.  

The time has arrived for us to get involved because we are the ones who are the ones responsible for these adverse reactions, and the situation in the world is the result of our shortcomings, meaning the lack of connection between us.

We are the stopper that closes the passage of the good higher energy into our world. Therefore humanity only develops in evil, within the ego! The second wing, the positive second power, cannot be found; it isn’t being revealed in our world. It must be revealed; it must be taken out from concealment, and the ego must be balanced through it.

And only the Jews can do this through their connection and union. And then through our union, as if through a lens, the higher energy will transmit goodness to the world, balancing the evil forces, and the world will come to peace. This sums up the role of the Jews in the world, the cause of anti-Semitism, and the correction of the world.

Let us hope that we will correct the world specifically this way, and not the prohibition of various organizations. After all, we have the possibility of transforming them into something good! It depends only on us!
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 11/17/15

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