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Concern: Money Is Flowing Backward….

Laitman_421_01From the News ( “Since Lenin gave as one of the hallmarks of the contemporary stage of the development of capitalism, the dominance of capital export over the export of goods, a hundred years have passed. All this time the trend continued. The export of capital was carried out from the developed capitalist countries to the periphery of world capitalism. At the beginning of the twentieth century – in the colonies and semi-colonies, in the past decade – from the area of ​​the ‘golden billion’ in the so-called developing countries, which are adjacent to the ‘economies in transition’ or the former socialist.

“The export of capital to the ‘periphery’ can solve the problem of the relative over-accumulation in economically developed countries and maintain a satisfactory rate of return. A country’s ‘golden billion,’ obtained by the export of capital investment income (dividends and interest), turned into a rentier state.

“The first wave of economic and financial globalization (the ‘internationalization of economic life’) swept the world in the early twentieth century. It was an unprecedented build-up of the export of capital from a small group of … states (the UK, France, Belgium, Germany, USA, Holland, and two or three other countries) to the colonies, semi-colonies and dependent countries, including Russia.

“The second wave of economic and financial globalization …  started in the 80-90s of the twentieth century. … Today the second globalization has ended, and the pressure ‘in the pot’ of world capitalism is growing rapidly. The important feature of this – at first the slow down and then the stoppage of the movement of capital out of the zone of the ‘golden billion’ to the periphery, and even a reversal of capital flow in the opposite direction. …

“The globalization process has been completed. Capital has mastered the entire planet. There is a leveling of profitability and investments. Against the background of the growing over-investment of capital in the world, this yield tends to zero. Interest rates in some countries of the ‘golden billion’ fell to zero and even went to negative. Something similar already took place in the early twentieth century. … the resulting explosion, … received the name of the Great War …”

My Comment: For what happened in the first half of the 20th century not to recur, there is only one way out, to halt the mutual capitalistic relationships, replace them with mutual spiritual relationships and ascend to the next level of development, and what will remain will be only the supply of material necessities and maximum spiritual growth.

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How Do You Find Your Destiny?

Laitman_083Question: How do you find your destiny?

Answer: This is truly a problem. Nature pushes and drives us to clarify our destiny, but we also need to part in this.

How do we find the meaning of life? A person must listen very subtly to himself, and most importantly, not be afraid of abandoning the comfort to which he is accustomed.

After all, we usually find a warm corner and remain there for a long time. But in order to find something, you must get up, go somewhere, learn something, be concerned about something, let go of something, and so on.

But nowadays, when the wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed, it raises a person to a level of self-awareness, self-realization, self-examination, and now it is simpler for us to burrow into ourselves to answer the questions that sprout up within us. Thus, we quickly reach an understanding of the meaning of life and its realization.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/25/15

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Hebrew – The Language Of The Wisdom Of Kabbalah

laitman_209Question: Do I need to know Hebrew to study Kabbalah?

Answer: Every science uses its specific language. Just as a musician cannot get along without the Italian language and a doctor without Latin, the Kabbalist cannot get along without Hebrew. Therefore, we must learn the Kabbalistic terms in Hebrew.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is a very ancient science. It originated 5,776 years ago, and it uses an ancient arsenal of words and expressions from Hebrew and Aramaic, two languages that are complementary to each other like mirror images.

In Kabbalah, there are few terms we must master—only a few dozen. They are repeated constantly and very rapidly become familiar and understood by a person who studies Kabbalah.

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We All Are One Soul, Part 2


Nature as One Body

Development is determined by two factors: On the one hand, there are more and more individual details; on the other hand, they are interconnected, and their connection becomes more and more complex, interdependent.

The same thing happens within human society. The more that we evolved throughout history, the more connected we have become. Instead of one family, a number of families united into a single village. Then, a number of villages merged and transformed into a city. Several cities united into a single nation.

In our time, the nations are united and have become a global world. Regardless of our desires, borders between nations are becoming erased, open, and people move freely throughout the world. No one wants to sit on the ground; he feels a need to know the entire world. Today, there is no person who would not fly abroad.

In addition, the media provides us with information from all over the world. It would seem that I shouldn’t be concerned about what is happening on the other side of the world, in South America or Africa, but I feel my dependence on everything. This shows our progress.

An even greater advancement is felt in our inner connection, not just the physical connection of the world. We are beginning to discover that we depend on each other personally. Our thoughts wander all over the world. I myself don’t understand why such thoughts suddenly come to mind because I didn’t think like that before.

Today, I am seventy years old, and I see that 40 to 50 years ago I thought absolutely differently. Why did this happen; simply because of age? No, the fact is that all this time I was living in an environment that was changing and it changed me along with it.

That is, all of us depend on each other and are connected together like a single organism. Humanity is like a single person whose organs are all connected with each other. Not only people, but in general, all parts of nature are connected together. All of nature, the still, vegetative, and animate, depend on humans, and humans depend on them. All of this relates to one symbiosis called planet Earth.

Earth is dependent on the rest of the universe. Life on Earth depends on the conditions of the sun and the moon. If there are fiery eruptions on the surface of the sun, they bring disturbances to the electronic systems on the surface of the entire Earth. People who have heart or lung problems immediately feel this influence.

The moon affects the internal state of a person, something that is confirmed by doctors, psychologists, and psychiatrists. In other words, we are completely connected with nature, which is a single organism.

To be continued….
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 11/18/15

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Israel’s Exiles

laitman_747_01Question: Which exiles have we already gone through and which are yet to come?

Answer: There have been four exiles during which the Jews were under the control of world empires such as Babylon, Persia (Purim), Greece (sports, art, science, Hanukkah), and Rome. We are speaking about the use of the ego in all of its four aspects, with increasing force.

The Egyptian exile, although it is considered the main one, the root of all exiles, in itself is not an exile, since the people went to Egypt of their own free will. The first three exiles passed over the nation in a constant wave: in the beginning Babylon conquered Israel, the Emperor Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the Temple, and most Jews were deported.

Then Persia conquered Babylon, and the Jews found themselves under their control. Cyrus the Great gave the Jews permission to build a temple, and part of the people returned to Israel but remained under the control of the Persians.

Then the Greeks conquered the ancient world and the rule over the Jews passed to them, until the Maccabean revolt when the Jews acquired independence.

But as soon as the Jews became independent, the ceaseless, internal conflicts began within the people, up to the inexplicable, unjustified hatred between all. And nothing could placate them.

To put an end to this, representatives of the people turned to the Roman emperor to calm the people. But when the Romans began to restore order, then the mutual hatred was turned on them as well. The Romans saw that they were not able to calm the people and they decided to close the Temple, the state, and the entire area, and the Jews dispersed throughout the Empire.

This exile has not yet been fully completed. Most of the people still live in countries of the former Roman Empire, in Europe, and from there moved to Eastern Europe and America.

Only in the 21st century, with the end of the Ancient Roman Empire, in the form of modern Europe (the EU), we see the end of our fourth exile and the beginning of the era of the Messiah (from the word “Limshoch” – pulling), representing the time of correction for humanity, an exit from the egoistic nature.

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 12.09.15

Writings of Rabash, Letter 17

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Philosophy,” “Philosophy with Regard to His Essence

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Preface to the Sulam Commentary,” Item 84

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