All Together At The Point Of The Big Bang

laitman_933Question: What is the connection between relationships among people and relationships among viruses?

Answer: All of nature is like one soup in which all of us are cooking together, regardless of whether they are large bodies or tiny viruses. Everything that happens in the soup is transmitted to everything found within it: to stones, to plants, to animals, and to people.

This is a global, integral system. A global world means that there are an infinite number of mutual connections; everyone is connected to all the rest. They say that you communicate with all of humanity through five people you know. But the threads that connect them in every possible form, stretching from one to another, are not just between people, but are between all of the components of nature in general.

The entire universe emerged from the point of the “Big Bang,” from one source, and it began to expand and develop. And all of us have remained connected with each other since then. These are like spider webs in which there is not a single atom or elementary particle that isn’t connected with all of creation.

We must take this into account and inform the younger generation, specifically providing them with this view of the world. Otherwise we can’t expect a good life for them in this era of globalization.

Question: What does each person need to understand to be able to pass through this period successfully?

Answer: It is necessary to understand that I am living in a system in which I am linked with everyone and everyone is linked with me with such tight connections, like iron bars, that my slightest movement causes shifts throughout the system on all levels. A person doesn’t understand this and thinks that he is isolated from all the others. But that is impossible.

Everything came from a higher source where the universe came into existence, from the point of the Big Bang. After that it spread out, reaching every level. We must take this into account and understand that it is as if we are found in the very point itself of the Big Bang.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/19/14

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