Nature Is Not A Resource For The Ego

Laitman_720Question: Let’s talk about trips to nature, including going abroad to nature preserves and all kinds of remote corners. The modern urban person at least somehow tries to connect with nature and receive pleasure from it. How do you relate to that?

Answer: I travel around the world a lot and always try to keep a few moments for myself to be in nature. My teacher Rabash and I would leave the city each day to talk while walking through the woods and fields. On the way to Jerusalem, far from highways and people, we would happen upon very beautiful places.

When I go out into nature I see there a world of reciprocal complementarity of all its parts. I see that everything in it is in balance except for humans. Even though there are animal species that eat each other, even though one exists at the expense of the other, all of this is out of necessity and not out of malice. The general form of existence and development is like this.

When I am in nature I feel the power of nature. It doesn’t elevate, It doesn’t raise us; on the contrary, it controls us. We humans don’t perceive this. The nature of the still, vegetative, and animate is the “envelope” of our existence: On the one hand, we move away from it, but, on the other hand, we must approach it by understanding that it is all a general system that must be unified.

Indeed the ego, the evil inclination, develops within us. It is specifically this that separates us from the animal world. As a result, we raise ourselves above it through the evil force of subjugation. We become distant from nature and want to control it to exploit it at any price. Worse than this, we value the damage that we cause nature through our activities; we are not concerned about it but only about our personal future. This is not at all the accounting that is required of us.

This is because our role is to maintain the harmony of nature, which is inherent in it from the start. But we fell from this because the egoistic desire grew in us, which invited all kinds of conflicts and compels us to engage in an incessant struggle between us.

And this is also how we relate to nature: “What can be stolen from it, what possible enjoyment can be had from it?” We don’t care what happens after that. The main thing is to get what we require at this very second. Even though in the next moment the coming damage will be maifested, we don’t pay attention to this.

So it follows that the growth of the evil inclination summons a destructive attitude in humans, which is harmful to us and all other parts of nature. As a result, humans must become aware of our evil and understand that our egoistic approach is damaging the entire system. The main conclusion is that a person grows within the evil inclination in order to correct it, to correct his relationship to the still, vegetative, and animate nature; and to complement the entire system, he must transform it into a single, unified, wonderful, harmonious, integral system.

And conversely, if together with the development of the mind and feelings, a person uses his resources incorrectly, ultimately he will certainly stumble into natural disasters.

This is what will continue to happen to us as long as we don’t see that our ego has grown to such a scale that it is no longer possible to rein it in. We have dropped the “reins” of the management of the world from our hands, losing control in all areas: family, work, and the relation to nature in general… .

And since we have become a bad global factor for nature and since we are a single system, in reaction, nature has begun to reveal an appropriate attitude to us.

This is the situation today.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/21/14

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