Periodic Table Of Nature

Laitman_709Question: Since the ‘30s of the previous century, the world has become one big village and from that time should we have related to humanity as one family, with one government, with one world “Ministry of Health”?

Answer: It should have been done even before then, from the ‘20s! World War I was a reaction to our disregard for the general system that connects everyone together.

It is not important that there are regions in South America, Africa, and Asia where they live as if it were a thousand years ago. In a family there are both adults and children, less developed and more developed according to age. But our attitude towards everyone must be equal.

Such unity should have been reached by humanity at the beginning of the 20th century, but was not. And so it got the first and second world wars and today’s Ebola epidemic.

Question: And if we relate to the whole world as one family, would the virus not spread? How is this connected, and how does the system work in relationships between people, countries, and nations? How does the Ebola virus know when it needs to spread and when not to?

Answer: A viral epidemic is the result of an imbalance. We violate the balance in the system, and on every one of its levels some kind of deviation from the balance that we must forcibly reconcile appears. In order to forcibly reconcile the lack of balance and restore the system to a state of balance, the Ebola epidemic has broken out.

The human level is above the entire system, this being the relationship between individual people, nations, and countries. And its highest stratum is determined by balance among the people of Israel.

Israel is found at the highest part of the human pyramid in the sense that it is inside of it and requires balance first; particularly in the State of Israel balance is required. And so the removal of imbalance and accordingly the Ebola plague is primarily dependent upon the people of Israel.

Question: What is not clear is what the relationship is between the upper level, where we communicate with each other as one family or as strangers, and somewhere below how it is infested with viruses?

Answer: Well, this is a unified system that includes within it all of the levels of the still, vegetative, animate, and speaking. All of nature is a single system outside of which there is nothing.

Nature includes various levels of matter, beginning from the still, where atoms connect with each other and form the chemical elements: carbon, oxygen, copper, silver, gold and the like. After that comes the vegetative level with the myriad of different plants, then the animate level, and then the human level.

The human level does not refer to a bipedal mammal, rather it refers to human intelligence, knowledge, evolution, and consciousness that allows him to see that he belongs entirely to a single system. Man begins from his determining that he is found within a single unified system of nature and depends upon everything and everything depends upon him.

He sees that he perceives a higher level and through his behavior and relationship with people he determines everything that happens to all the rest of the levels of nature.

When he ascends and descends, the human raises and lowers the entire still, vegetative, and animate nature along with him.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/19/14

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