The Transition To A Single Family

Dr. LaitmanWe are passing through a unique period. If in the past our nature was close to the animate level and life obliged a person to establish a family since it was very difficult for him to supply himself with the necessities without it, these days, with the help of various means and technological achievements, we are completely able to remain single. If we cohabitate, it is not under the terms of marriage, not as a complete family.

And in this era, I still recommend getting married, establishing a family, and organizing life according to what nature demands of us. Sometimes they look at me with suspicion, as if I were calling for something oppressive and undesirable.

Today it seems illogical to push a person into marriage. After all, through this you load a heavy and debilitating burden on him, something that he cannot endure.

And on the contrary, it is so easy to live alone surrounded by electronic home appliances that do the work that in the past required great power. A person turns on a vacuum cleaner that moves itself, puts his clothes in the washing machine, goes to the supermarket, buys prepared food, puts it in the refrigerator or directly into a microwave, moves the laundry to the dryer, and doesn’t even take out the iron; he doesn’t need it.

Daily life is now much easier than in the past, but this doesn’t help the institution of the family. It would seem it would be a great relief when all sorts of devices do most of the work at home for you, where you don’t need to wash the baby’s diapers or cook porridge for him… everything is so easy and simple, but in spite of all this, so complicated.

We are facing a serious problem here, and if we want to see a good future for humanity and to advance in a good way, it seems that we must first of all take care of the people themselves. They must go through a general, basic training and understand what it is to be a human, to be connected to others.

After all, in the past our connection with the family, with parents and children, with the workplace environment and the community was easier. People drove and flew less, didn’t change their employers and professions so often. Life was spent in separate “corners,” in a small place. It was more static, relaxed, and stable. In contrast to this, today, with the increased pace and the many changes in life, we feel that a family is very burdensome for us.

So first it is necessary to give a person the right education, to change him internally so that he will see what is really happening. And even though life has changed, we have become detached from nature that encouraged us to live as tribes, families, villages, cities, countries, the whole world is like a place for all to live, and in spite of all this, it is up to us to make up for what we have lost. We once had a system of natural relationships with family and friends, with the city, with the nation, and now we must supplement the deficiency ourselves.

Without this a person remains neglected, abandoned; he seems to be lost in the crowd. He can get away from his parents and hardly ever communicate with them; and he can be in connection with friends mostly through the Internet. Our environment has generally become a virtual one. On the Internet I find a temporary friend for myself and am often satisfied with this.

In general, this is a temporary stage, a passing stage that will continue until a person discovers the gap between himself and his environment that he must make up by himself….

I begin life in my mother’s womb, I continue it in her arms, after that I go to kindergarten, to school, and all of these stages add an environmental “envelope” to me in which I must develop to such a degree that I will feel that I am an inseparable part of it, connected to everyone as I was once connected to my mother through the umbilical cord.

Ideally, any expansion of this environment doesn’t need to cause detachment. When I go to kindergarten, I am not detached from anything; on the contrary, they teach me about an even tighter connection with the new environment, and in kindergarten I feel as if I am at home, and at home, as if I were within my mother.

Time passes and I build a connection with the school environment based upon such good and friendly relationships of giving and receiving that even here I feel as if I am in the bosom of the family, a caring environment, because we are soldered together so tightly with love and mutual fulfillment. When I finally enter into the wider world, I continue to work with the environment on a basis of the principle of mutual compensation of necessary connections, and all of us feel as one family.

In fact, the only thing missing for me is such compensatory efforts: on my part toward an expanding environment and from its side toward me. my

side a continuously expanding relationship with the environment – from the side of the environment to me.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/22/14

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