Short Stories: The Intentional Shaking Up Of The Babylonians

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Babylonian civilization developed in a very comfortable location in the central part of Mesopotamia on the fertile soil between the Tigris and the Euphrates. The inhabitants of Mesopotamia fished, grew onions, garlic, buckwheat, barley, and wheat. They lived a modest but comfortable life, enjoying nature’s abundance in that region.

Gardening and farming on the land was highly developed in Babylon due to the development of the first irrigation systems.

Although the country was ruled by a king, the people were relatively free, supplied all their needs themselves, and managed their own society and country. They had no enemies and lived a happy, friendly life as one family. This was all thanks to Noah’s group of Kabbalists, who brought the attribute of bestowal, mutual closeness, and kindness to the region.

But in order to continue their development. there was need for a shake up. If we want to explain the mechanism of a certain system so that another person will be able to use it, we usually build a model and use it to illustrate different malfunctions that may encounter within the system. The same thing happened in ancient Babylon.

In order to raise a group of Kabbalists and a whole society along with them to the next level, it was necessary to insert flaws into their mutual relations and demonstrate them. This is what happened.

The general managing force of nature created different obstacles that people encountered in the form of disputes, conflicts, and fights only in order to raise them to the next level.

This state, which the ancient Babylonians suddenly encountered puzzled Abraham, who was one of their spiritual leaders.
From KabTV’s “Short Stories” 10/15/14

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