Short Stories: Did The Deluge Really Happen?

Dr. Michael LaitmanEverything that the Torah writes about happens on a spiritual level, but its characters were Kabbalists and  really existed. The Torah speaks only about a person’s entry into the spiritual world. It  does not describe phenomena and events in physical life, rather only a person’s internal path towards attaining the Creator.

In this sense, Adam and Noah were real people who once lived on earth, taught people in their Kabbalistic schools, and called them their children or descendants.

Since the events described in the Torah happened on a spiritual level, it is impossible to say that they all happened in physical life.

For example, was there really a deluge? For thousands of years of human development there were certainly all kinds of natural disasters. But the story of the flood speaks about two characteristics of the mighty power of water, about a good characteristic of bestowal that the water symbolizes (the right side) and about a bad power of water that drowns, destroys, causes tsunamis and the like (the left side).

The story about Noah is specifically about this and not about some global natural disaster in our world.

The Torah speaks about how the person understands in what manner he must rise above the characteristic of judgment, the power that exists in water, and through some kind of relationship with this power, he can realize himself within it correctly He must build an ark, the right closed environment in which the characteristics of water will be good for him, and not ruthless or lethal.

On his contemporary level of knowledge about the system of management, Noah made a tremendous discovery for future generations of Kabbalists that made it clear how it is possible to pass through the crude, powerful, and most threatening natural forces to good and useful ones.

This is because before Noah, people were powerless when confronting nature, like little children. And his method made it possible to tame the threatening power of nature. So the level of Noah was necessary on the way of humanity towards attainment and control of the entire system of management.
From KabTV’s “Short Stories” 10/15/14

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