Short Stories: Polytheism Or A Single Providence

laitman_276_02Abraham, who was a priest in ancient Babylon and one of the followers and disciples of Noah’s teachings, was the first to realize that everything that happens with the nation is intentional.

It is hard to accept that negative outcomes, which can destroy an ideal society, can stem from the good upper force.

If people who live together in peace and friendly relations suddenly feel that they don’t understand one another and resent each other, that they are growing apart and even feel hatred towards one another, we may wonder whether the force that manages the world is indeed good and benevolent.

These questions usually concern Kabbalists but not ordinary people.

The separation that was suddenly felt in ancient Babylon led the priests and the sages to think about the existence of two gods: a good one and a bad one who are in a conflict that is reflected in our life in this world. “Probably the evil force prevails over the positive force. And maybe there are not, but a whole host of deities of all kinds.”

Eventually people began to believe in polytheism, thus denying the providence of one force in this world. Abraham regarded it as paganism. He totally disagreed with it because he discovered that there is only one force and one providence in this world and not the many forces as the Babylonians believed when they saw good and evil in all its manifestations in our world, contradicting one another and destroying everything.

Abraham claimed that it all stemmed from one force, but humanity is shown the imbalance of the whole system, just like in an experiment, so that it will start to investigate and understand it. We should understand, feel, and bring it closer to us or get closer to it. We have to connect with its good and bad attributes that are revealed in us and this is why the world seems like such a terrible place.

There is only one manager of creation who operates by two opposite forces: good and bad. We have to control these two forces and connect them so that we have one positive force that overcomes the negative force and the negative force should increase the positive force.

Thus, the continuous revelation of the evil force in a person obliges the positive force to grow to a level called the Creator. This is actually what Abraham discovered and he began to explain and disseminate his attitude to nature, man’s mission, and purpose of life.

However, very few agreed with him, actually several thousand people in ancient Babylon did. He distinguished them from all the others who had their own intentions and inclinations and began to teach them. Thus, each of the groups followed its own path.
From KabTV’s “Short Stories” 10/15/14

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