The Truth About the Three Religions of the World, Part 2

The beginning of this article can be found in the Truth About the Three Religions of the World, Part 1.

Question: How can we stop the spreading of radical Islam and divert this sword away from the world?

Answer: The solution is simple. It is not in Judaism, Christianity, or Islam. It is in the wisdom of Kabbalah, a method that provides people with an instrument to work with the upper force.

Man uses it to connect to the program, root, and final objective of the plan of creation. He is connected to the upper force from the beginning until the completion of Creation every step of the way. And he will see all this sometime in this life not in some other world.

Kabbalah does not say that all people who practice the same religion are brothers but speaks about loving all of mankind as yourself.

Religions were spread with the purpose of bringing people towards unity with others, but in the wrong form, through Klipa, egoistic forces, a lie. Christianity called for unity with the purpose of helping one another and praying to the common gods. Islam says the same: “We have one higher power, let’s be brothers!”

Any ideology that is based on unity states the same. But they do not have a connection with the upper force and this is why all these methods fade. They must be replaced with Kabbalah, which initially was the source of all these temporary movements.

Their existence was needed for a certain duration of time in history in order to reveal the truth, which we would not be able to figure out without them. And now we can realize the wisdom of Kabbalah by using it to show the actual right method to mankind. After all, it contains the upper force.

Kabbalah is not trying to unite us on the egoistic level of this world, unlike all the religions. This is why they cannot be realized, and they only exist for a limited time, as long as people are still getting confused by them. But as soon as it becomes revealed that a connection is impossible through a given method, it disappears.

But Kabbalah allows people to connect with the upper force and become like it. It raises man above this world, above his nature. This way, instead of connecting on the level of this world, like the Muslim brothers or the army of Christ, we actually attain unity on the higher level, by attaining bestowal and mutual love.

This is not love in its corporeal sense and it does not unite everyone under one green flag but lifts to the highest spiritual degree while still living in this corporeal body. This directly corresponds to the definition of Kabbalah as a method of revelation of the Creator by the creatures in this world.

All methods were directed towards unity, but they worked inside egoism. Only Kabbalah works above egoism, and this is why it is revealed after all these methods. Kabbalah raises man above his egoism, and this is why it is able to connect all of us, and in this connection, we attain the higher degree.

One does not need to die physically in order to go to heaven because there is no heavenly life after death. The physical body does not stand in the way of it, as it is nothing but a piece of flesh that does not get in the way of us experiencing heaven internally. This is why it is written that you will see your world in your lifetime.

This attracts people, but they must understand that they need to change in order to defeat death in this manner. To go to heaven means to become dissolved in one’s love towards mankind. This state is called heaven, the highest level where I connect with others to the point of completely losing my “I.” The entire world becomes me, and in this way, I attain everyone. This is what we call the world to come, the higher degree.

Internally man always worked towards it, and this is why he needed to experience this entire process of Christianity and Islam. It was so he would understand his actual state, his actual goal, and how to realize it. And he must want to attain it without the carrot or the stick, just because he himself wants to grow to this level.

This requires that man be internally mature; we can only understand, accept, and realize it through such a lengthy process.

Question: Everyone can attain this?

Answer: Everyone must attain it! According to the plan of creation, all of mankind must experience the entire process of the spreading of religion: one part experiences Christianity, the other part experiences Islam. But in the end, everyone comes to the realization of the truth, rising above our nature and connecting above it, where we attain the higher existence.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 8/31/14

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  1. just one question: What will make it easier to connect to the creator with the Zohar than the trust one has for their God already? It is a nagging question I can’t get rid of?

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