No Way Back

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can a person feel that “there is none else beside Him” if he hasn’t attain bestowal yet?

Answer: Before I reach bestowal, I try to arrange in my mind and heart the opinion that “there is none else beside Him.” It is easier to do this in the mind; in the heart this is relatively more difficult.

It depends on my relationship with the group and how I build the new Kli together with them in which I am ready to decide that “there is none else beside Him.”

To the degree of the connection between us, we build our collective we, the raspberry ball, the sum total of us all. Yet in this point of we, I am not found; rather, I nullify myself. This means that in the center of this circle, I am found above my ego.

It is possible to multiply one by one all of the nullifications of ourselves: 10 times, 100 times, 1,000 times; more and more as we unite. It follows that I acquire new spiritual feelings and thoughts through which I will discover the Creator.

And to be precise, I will discover the Creator not within the group of ten, but in the connection between the groups of ten. The group of ten is said to reveal the ego within it and to rise above it to connect with the others. Indeed, the group of ten is not yet the outer circle.

When we connect with the other groups of ten, we create among us all kinds of forms of connection that are able to reveal to us particular images of the Creator and make it somewhat possible for us to see Him.

This means that there is no other place to look for “there is none else beside Him” besides the general point of connection. This is a simple job in the consolidation of all people, and so it is written: “And all nations shall flow unto it”. (Isaiah 2:2)

The feeling that “there is none else beside Him” depends solely and only on the degree of our self-nullification, because we build this above the ego, like the roof of a Sukkah. From me, I create we, and from we, we create the Creator.

The ability to nullify yourself is determined by the environment and how much you bow your head towards it. At every moment, the Creator gives a person opportunities; the Upper Light works incessantly, but everything depends upon your agreement to be nullified, and whether or not you will use the opportunities given to you.

If you have not prepared yourself, you will receive the Light from the opposite side, meaning that instead of His approach, you will feel distance. That is how it happens in regular life. You are given some kind of unique opportunity to advance, and you accept it as a disturbance and an obstacle. You have not prepared for a leap like this, and so instead of a springboard, you see a high and impassable barrier.

There is freedom of choice in only one thing: nullifying before the environment, being included within it, and being like the friends in everything. Try to realize this potential. You are ready to do this! Your freedom of choice is only in this and you don’t need anything more. The Creator brings you to the good fortune,  and from this point, there is no way back, only forward.

Begin to enter the group, be included within it, and build a common Kli with the others in which you will discover the higher power. Our world is a world of action. We are found within in because it is possible to carry out actions within it without the agreement of the heart. In this is the entire foundation for our imaginary world, but this game makes it possible for us to advance and build our spiritual independence, and this is specifically thanks to our being deceivers.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/10/14, Writings of Rabash

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