Short Stories: From Noah Until Ancient Babylon

Laitman_703_03Ten generations pass from Noah until Abraham (ten always refers to the total level of recognition, development, and complete growth). During this time Noah’s students mastered and assimilated his method, which means that they could control the attribute of bestowal, the attribute of Hesed, which the water symbolizes.

Water is the source of life of everything on this planet. An embryo in his mother’s womb is surrounded by water. Water is the major force in our world. The whole earth is actually covered by water. The continents merely stand out a bit above the water. The amount of water inside the planet earth and on the outside is indescribable! When we study other planets we first of all try to find out whether there is water and oxygen there. But oxygen is also part of the composition of water.

The adaptation of the attribute of water (the attribute of mercy) enabled people to connect more correctly and to live in peace in ancient Babylon. There was the unity of one nation, one unique family, people who understood each another among the Babylonians.

Four thousand years ago when ten generations after Noah learned and fulfilled the attribute of Hesed, a community of ancient Babylon was established, a prototype of our current civilization.

It is actually thanks to the fact that the people of Babylon attained the good, right mutual relations in a peaceful state that the next leap was necessary in order to continue their development. It is because Adam and the twenty generations after him (ten generations from Adam until Noah, and ten generations from Noah until Babylon) discovered that humanity needed to attain the complete resemblance and equivalence of form to the Creator. The next phase of the ascent took place in Babylon.
From KabTV’s “Short Stories” 10/15/14

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