Israel’s Exiles

laitman_747_01Question: Which exiles have we already gone through and which are yet to come?

Answer: There have been four exiles during which the Jews were under the control of world empires such as Babylon, Persia (Purim), Greece (sports, art, science, Hanukkah), and Rome. We are speaking about the use of the ego in all of its four aspects, with increasing force.

The Egyptian exile, although it is considered the main one, the root of all exiles, in itself is not an exile, since the people went to Egypt of their own free will. The first three exiles passed over the nation in a constant wave: in the beginning Babylon conquered Israel, the Emperor Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the Temple, and most Jews were deported.

Then Persia conquered Babylon, and the Jews found themselves under their control. Cyrus the Great gave the Jews permission to build a temple, and part of the people returned to Israel but remained under the control of the Persians.

Then the Greeks conquered the ancient world and the rule over the Jews passed to them, until the Maccabean revolt when the Jews acquired independence.

But as soon as the Jews became independent, the ceaseless, internal conflicts began within the people, up to the inexplicable, unjustified hatred between all. And nothing could placate them.

To put an end to this, representatives of the people turned to the Roman emperor to calm the people. But when the Romans began to restore order, then the mutual hatred was turned on them as well. The Romans saw that they were not able to calm the people and they decided to close the Temple, the state, and the entire area, and the Jews dispersed throughout the Empire.

This exile has not yet been fully completed. Most of the people still live in countries of the former Roman Empire, in Europe, and from there moved to Eastern Europe and America.

Only in the 21st century, with the end of the Ancient Roman Empire, in the form of modern Europe (the EU), we see the end of our fourth exile and the beginning of the era of the Messiah (from the word “Limshoch” – pulling), representing the time of correction for humanity, an exit from the egoistic nature.

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