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Death Of A Spy

Laitman_408Question: Marcus Klingberg died. He was a Soviet spy who was arrested in 1983 by the Israeli security services. He sat in an Israeli prison for twenty years, then lived in Paris with his daughter, and lived a peaceful life there until the age of 97.

What can you say about spies who are working against Israel?

Answer: I don’t understand the psychology of these people. How is it possible to act to the detriment of your homeland, your nation?

There always have been these kinds of comrades, both socialists and communists, loyal to their ideology or religious extremists like the members of Neturei Karta, who come out sharply against the existence of the nation of Israel and are ready to sell it out to anyone. I can’t imagine how it is possible to understand and comprehend treason against a homeland.

Question: I think that half of the Jews in the United States today are working against Israel, but no one puts them in jail.

Answer: I have given lectures in North America, all over the United States, and I have spoken everywhere about the role of the people of Israel, and how we are to blame for everything that is happening to us from a spiritual aspect. The reaction was immediate, thunderous applause!

That is how I tested the audience. In truth, among them were also those who jumped up and shouted, “How can you say something like this?” However, they were individuals, and I was ready to embrace them.

Many American Jews don’t want any connection with Israel and generally would like to disconnect from it completely. This is a normal characteristic of Jews. As soon as we lose the spiritual idea, we immediately return to our beastly roots, meaning to ancient Babylon when we were not yet connected.

We don’t have any genetic connection with each other because we united due to the call of Abraham to create a new people based on the idea of “You shall love your neighbor as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18). If we fall from this level, then we are no longer a people, but just separate particles, like nuts in a single sack.

The sack ties them, and they rattle inside. They don’t want to be in connection with each other and scatter at the first opportunity. If the Jews have no aspiration to a common spiritual goal through which Abraham united us under a single umbrella, making as one people, then we are not a people; we are nothing!
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 12/1/15

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Inanimate Level – The Beginning Of Everything

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Introduction to The Book of Zohar,” item 51: Thus, as we have said, if one purifies the still part of his will to receive, he is rewarded with a Partzuf of Nefesh of Assiya, and ascends and clothes the Sefira of Malchut of Assiya

This means that he will certainly be granted the permanent purification of the still part, in a way that he will not turn back to folly.

Question: What is the inanimate level in us?

Answer: In each level we contain all five vessels of KHB ZON, and all five Lights of NRNHY, therefore we need to actualize all forms of the work.

But in the world of Assiya, I work constantly only with the Light of Nefesh, here it is important for me, and all the vessels and the Lights that I work with are meant only to support the Light of Nefesh, so it will stabilize itself permanently in the Kli of Keter.

Question: And this still part remains with me until the end of correction (Gmar Tikkun)?

Answer: Of course, in spirituality nothing disappears.

Question: What is the role of the still?

Answer: The role of the level of still in spirituality is the same role as the nature of still in our world. Everything comes from it.

Question: Still, it means that something is not moving. What is its importance?

Answer: Try internally not to budge, despite of all the exterior influences, in spite of everything that happens to you.

Question: Is it connected to self-annulment?

Answer: Of course. By annulment toward the friends you build the inanimate spiritual level. It depends on your work in the scale of your current desires; in the next degree the still will become vegetative and then animate, etc. In general, the desires are categorized according to my ability to work with them. And if I can actualize some desire in the inanimate level, only in the simplist manner, then I activate it like that.

Later through the group I receive forces from the Upper Light, and the same desire becomes the level of vegetative. It allows me to work with it in a more qualitative form—now I cannot even grow and produce offspring.

Anyway, everything begins with the inanimate level, and finally reaches Ein Sof (Inifiinty) until the Light of Yechida.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson “Introduction to The Book of Zohar” 2/17/14

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There Is Only One Answer To Terrorism

Laitman_120Comment: The wave of terrorism is continuing in Israel; there are attacks almost every day, one after another. The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the establishment of a unit that will fight the anti-Israeli propaganda on the Internet that will determine where the clips come from that provoke terrorism in the streets of Israel.

Answer: This is a war on the level that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and all the politicians can work. Work like this requires a large financial investment, but the benefit from it is small; there will not be any fewer lives destroyed.

The only means that can help is the realization of the method of the wisdom of Kabbalah; it calls for us, the Jews, to cease causing adverse affects in the world.

We need to unite between us, and then nature will manifest a positive energy that will oblige all the rest of the peoples also consolidate with good connections—what that the world needs so much.

But as long as we don’t begin passing a positive energy through us to the world, they will continue to kill us.

Let’s apply this strategy into practice, and it will become a tactic. Do it!

Begin to invest at least some effort today and you will immediately see how everything will change.

There is no other way! The world has only a single movement forward towards the goal of creation, to connection between us into a single organism. It is within the history of humanity and is located inside the matter of evolution; we have nowhere to escape from this!

As long as we oppose unity and don’t want to transmit the good force through us, the whole world will hate us because this only under our control. The world accuses us of bringing nothing but trouble, and they are right!

We need to understand why they hate us, why humanity is right when it blames us for its problems, and how we can change ourselves and make the world better and safer.

There is no other solution in nature; so I have one answer for everything. We don’t need to invent anything. The multitudes of questions come from our egoism that is always disingenuous.

Question: So what do you do with the statement: “If someone is coming to kill you, rise up early to kill him” (Bamidbar Rabba 21:4)?

Answer: When a murderer is standing in front of you, you need to pre-empt him. It is up to you to do everything to avoid the possibility of the lack of union; the good force must pass into the world through the connection between us and then the terrorism will stop by itself.

You need to neutralize the attacker now, but not just to stay alive; rather, it is up to you to stop him because when he raises a hand against you, it doesn’t allow you to make the best and most correct action.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 11/29/15

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Radioactive Mini Bombs – The New Weapon Of Jihad

Laitman_417In the News ( “Mini bombs and radioactive cesium. The innovative weapons of jihadists are the new nightmare of Western intelligence agencies.

“This scenario, revealed by the Associated Press investigation suggested a sale to Isis of smuggled radioactive material to make bombs for the use of the Caliphate of Al Baghdadi. It would be Saudi engineer Al Asiri, the man, who provides the lethal technologies to ISIS.

“In fact, if these weapons ended up in the hands of Islamic terrorists in large quantities, there would be no limit to the terrorist threat. And because the jihadists are people without any moral conscious, and because the explosives hidden in this mini bombs can be hidden, even in printer cartridges, in briefs, luggage, and even transplanted surgically in the body of a selected bomber selected …But not only, even in flash drives that only by inserting into a computer could trigger a bomb capable of killing many more people than regular bombs. …”The alarm about the micro bombs caused Americans and British to introduce body scanners at all airports at risk.”

My Comment: Nothing can limit terrorism; millions are invested in it. When we oppose it on the national level, we try to get closer to its beginning, not in order to discover the terrorist act itself, but to discover it even when it is being planned in its earliest stages, in the ideological and practical stage. And if we want to go back even further, to the beginning, we realize that it is possible to reign it in only if we rise to a higher level of development. This means that through connection with the general system of all nature, as its central part, we can balance the system of forces and bring them to a balanced state that will completely negate the creation of higher negative forces.

This is when we already understand that nature is forcing us through threats to rise to the level of the higher anti-egoistic forces of connection.

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