Inanimate Level – The Beginning Of Everything

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Introduction to The Book of Zohar,” item 51: Thus, as we have said, if one purifies the still part of his will to receive, he is rewarded with a Partzuf of Nefesh of Assiya, and ascends and clothes the Sefira of Malchut of Assiya

This means that he will certainly be granted the permanent purification of the still part, in a way that he will not turn back to folly.

Question: What is the inanimate level in us?

Answer: In each level we contain all five vessels of KHB ZON, and all five Lights of NRNHY, therefore we need to actualize all forms of the work.

But in the world of Assiya, I work constantly only with the Light of Nefesh, here it is important for me, and all the vessels and the Lights that I work with are meant only to support the Light of Nefesh, so it will stabilize itself permanently in the Kli of Keter.

Question: And this still part remains with me until the end of correction (Gmar Tikkun)?

Answer: Of course, in spirituality nothing disappears.

Question: What is the role of the still?

Answer: The role of the level of still in spirituality is the same role as the nature of still in our world. Everything comes from it.

Question: Still, it means that something is not moving. What is its importance?

Answer: Try internally not to budge, despite of all the exterior influences, in spite of everything that happens to you.

Question: Is it connected to self-annulment?

Answer: Of course. By annulment toward the friends you build the inanimate spiritual level. It depends on your work in the scale of your current desires; in the next degree the still will become vegetative and then animate, etc. In general, the desires are categorized according to my ability to work with them. And if I can actualize some desire in the inanimate level, only in the simplist manner, then I activate it like that.

Later through the group I receive forces from the Upper Light, and the same desire becomes the level of vegetative. It allows me to work with it in a more qualitative form—now I cannot even grow and produce offspring.

Anyway, everything begins with the inanimate level, and finally reaches Ein Sof (Inifiinty) until the Light of Yechida.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson “Introduction to The Book of Zohar” 2/17/14

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