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Good Deeds And Spiritual Development

laitman_629_3Question: You once said on one of your programs, that even through helping an old lady to cross the street, a person develops spiritual Kelim (vessels) within himself.

That is, are you saying good deeds have a positive impact on the entire existence of a person (including all his incarnations), and the person receives mercy from the Creator?

Answer: Absolutely! Even though there won’t be any revelation of the Creator by this, it will bring the person to a group, which creates the conditions for disclosure.

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The Main Mission Of Kabbalah

laitman_276_01Life according to Kabbalah is existence within the Light, in the property of bestowal. It is perceived as a sensation of boundless existence when you endlessly flow within this state and see it as eternal.

At the same time, the perception of corporeal reality, the sensation of time, space, and limitation disappear. You enter a different coordinate system. It has different limitations where you define yourself in relation to others.

We must get used to this, as it is a necessity for entry. Sometimes it takes a few years before a person begins to sense the upper world. However, our task is to come to the sensation of the upper reality before we physically part with this world. Generally speaking this is the main mission of Kabbalah.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/1/15

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Answers To Your Questions, Part 119

laitman_565_02Question: How must one relate internally to other people’s suffering?

Answer: With balance, as with everything.

Question: If an event happens in my life that makes me very happy and I want to thank the Creator, how should I behave in such a case? Can there be thanks to the Creator that is not egoistic?

Answer: You should always thank the Creator and for everything.

Question: Why don’t I feel that the group is correcting me? I was an egoist, and that is how I remain. Likewise, there is no feeling of unity, and I have not found any special happiness in a group. What should I do?

Answer: You must force yourself to yearn for the unity of the whole group until you feel an attitude toward them as toward your beloved children. In our world, only a state like this will create a spiritual field of revelation for you.

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Ascent To The Spiritual Dimension

Laitman_712_03Egoistic death is to get rid of selfishness by himself, because only it is subject to death. All the rest cannot die! Therefore death in spirituality is nothing but awakening, illumination, and understanding.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, if a person carries out his mission and corrects himself, he blesses the Creator by reciting Kaddish – a prayer about the death of the body.

This prayer is very deep and emotional. It is not just the manifestation of feelings of gratitude to the Creator for what a person suffers in this life through the body. Indeed, precisely because of life in the body, a person attains the next level of his development, which instead of the current shell, he is reborn in another body, And he thanks the Creator for being able to come closer to Him, changing his corporeal shell.

Comment: It is interesting that the Romans took the dying emperor standing death, as if defying the gods.

Answer: The Romans had no deep ethical concepts. But like the Greeks, they were very materialistic. The resistance of the Jews to the Romans and the Greeks defined the world of today.

The Romans conquered all of Europe and gave it its materialistic development, whereas the Greeks filled this development with their philosophy and scientific insight into the world. All of this happened so that the world would ultimately rise to the level of the Creator, above both materialism and the development of modern science.

So today we see that wealth and luxury are no longer at the heart of determining happiness. And philosophy is already becoming history, philosophers and philosophy have disappeared. This means we are approaching a new stage, elevation into the spiritual dimension.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 7/1/15

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What Determines Our Life Span?

laitman_571_02Question: What determines the life expectancy of different people? After all, both wonderful people and vile killers die young. Could it be that, from the point of view of the maturation of the soul in this current life, the first souls already have ascended higher, while the latter are hopeless, so they are taken away in order to be reborn?

Answer: All of this relates to reincarnations. No calculations are made here regarding the bodies. You can be a good or evil person, but in egoistic terms, it does not matter.

The calculation focuses only on the general system in order to bring it optimally to complete correction. Therefore, it is only about the fulfillment of a person’s soul. The body is given to a person so that by his free will he will place himself in the general soul in connection with others in total love and bestowal.

If he can do that, he finds his soul. Then the calculation is according to his state at any given moment.

If he cannot do it, he is given a certain amount of time to be incorporated willingly into the general society and perhaps even into the spiritual world. If he doesn’t use this opportunity, it is taken away from him, and he moves on to the next life. The same spiritual gene will be dressed in another body with new data in a new environment, and he will still be given an opportunity to fulfill his mission.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/1/15

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Spiritual Development In Our Relationships

laitman_766_1Question: You once said that if a man and a woman are mutually connected, it is a powerful means to reveal the Creator, and a person who has this field of work is very lucky and doesn’t need much time to fulfill it, but actually only a few minutes a day.

But what exactly should you do during this time? What is the best way to study the wisdom of Kabbalah with one’s spouse?

Answer: It doesn’t really matter. What’s important is the effort a couple makes to feel as one spiritual whole in the face of various interferences that come along all of the time above which they must reach an upper agreement for the sake of their spiritual advancement.

Question: How should a person behave correctly and harmoniously from a spiritual perspective in situations of conflict with loved ones? On the one hand, the ego constantly finds different tricks to make people break up, and it is scary to realize how helpless we are. On the other hand, I truly cherish and value my relationships.

Answer: Try to understand that all of the connections between us go through the Creator. This will fine tune your perspective in all your relationships.

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 12.20.15

Preparation for the Lesson

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