Answers To Your Questions, Part 118

laitman_629_3Question: I am from Azerbaijan. I have been feeling something for two years now that I would like to talk about. I have always loved everyone and I also love everyone now. You cannot imagine how much I love everyone in the world.

Even while writing to you, I feel you and am happy that you exist. There were times when I thought that everyone should love me, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. I have encountered people and began not to like them, and thus I have eventually stopped loving myself.

Crying about that, I asked God: why I am alive in the first place? Then one day I wished that God would help me come out of this black pit… and then it all began… shortly after I began to understand that there is no need to change people.

People who I didn’t like are attributes that are inside me which don’t let me love them. I want to be useful to all society and to repay society. I am not living in this world by chance. How can I climb the spiritual levels step by step?

Answer: It is only in the right environment that you can properly study and understand the wisdom of Kabbalah. Perhaps there is such a group in your country.

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  1. Are you sure that there is no need to change people?

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