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Who Will Get The Blessing?

Laitman_043Midrash Rabbah, “Parashat Balak”: Balaam relates to Moses with unique hostility because he realizes that Moses is not inferior to him in wisdom.

Balaam is Moses’ cousin, which means that they are on the same level, they have the same power, the same opportunities, but the difference is that Balaam doesn’t have the attribute of bestowal (Bina), which Moses brings the world.

The question is what Jacob actually stole and how Moses uses this theft. What Balaam would like to get back and give the nations that are behind him and live in the land of Israel at the time, and the answer is the blessing.

But it is impossible to take that now. The blessing shows what will be revealed in the end since what is important is not what happens now but what will happen in the end: who will remain.

Moses will remain and the nation of Israel that has the force of connecting to the Creator will remain. It can change egoism into the attribute of love and bestowal, and whatever does fit the correction disappears. Balaam disappears into nowhere.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/5/15

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Why Does A Kabbalist Listen To The News?

Laitman_912I remember that at the time of the first Lebanon War,  my teacher Rabash and I listened to the news on the radio all the time, and he shared his impressions with me about how he perceived all that was happening. And I was surprised about how such a great Kabbalist was worried about events in the country and the world.

And for him it was a map of the battlefield. He completed everything through his internal calculations with higher Sefirot, and somehow this worked for him.

During the military operations Rabash was very focused, more quiet than usual. In general he was a person who very much loved jokes, but the moment the war began, his state changed sharply. This was truly derived from within; he was terribly concerned and very happy about our victories and successes on the battlefield.

I felt that this was terribly close to him, unlike the rest of the people around him in Bnei Brak. At that time I was a beginning student, and I was quite surprised about how much a person believed or didn’t believe in the Creator, His power and how everything comes from above.

Rabash always wanted to know the factual news, without any commentary, to react to them correctly. And when they asked him why he needed it, he answered: “And if your children were there, even then would you act calmly and dispassionately like this?” That is, he felt that his children were there in Lebanon. That is really how he felt about it.

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Studying Mein Kampf In School

laitman_431_05Comment: Lately there has been an active discussion in Germany about the question of the removal of Hitler’s book, Mein Kampf. And now comes the announcement that the German Teachers’ Association intends to include this book in the school curriculum.

They think that a detailed investigation and analysis of this work under the guidance of the teachers will make it possible to shield the students from extremism.

Answer: Everything depends on the form of the approach and study. But in any case, this will have a negative influence because that is our nature.

It is like offering children to learn words that are forbidden to be used, or showing pornographic movies and analyzing them from the perspective of high craftsmanship. But in any case the youth will look at it like a wolf at a goat, and he will converse with them about high material and simultaneously swallow his saliva.

I would imagine that this will not teach the children anything. Certainly they will develop various circles and youth movements of the Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth) type because each of them will feel that it is his history and he wants to justify himself.

The book itself was well-written, with all kinds of historical and other proofs. In principle, the author was right that the Jews are to blame for everything and that everything that was and is in Germany resulted from them.

I would say that this was not only in Germany but also worldwide. For everything that was done in the past and in the present was realized either by the Jews or through the Jews, or from the Jews through others. That is how our world was built and organized; we just need to understand how to use this correctly, finally leaving this vicious circle.

Humanity always goes in the same circle, constantly hitting itself and stepping on the same rake. So in this context, it is doubtful that this book will help.

Certainly it will give birth to a great number of anti-Semites. After their grandfathers, their grandchildren and great-grandchildren will stand up and it could be that it will then be possible to explain more to them. But today the anti-Semites are too atrophied if not completely indifferent regarding this problem. When they become more rigid, this will hasten development even though a movement like this in the left line is certainly an undesirable movement forward. But there is nothing to be done here.

The problem is again the Jews. For the world to go in the right direction, the Jews don’t need to convince anyone of anything and do anything else. For if they succeed in reorganizing themselves and finding their dependence and completing each other correctly in friendship, in love, and in integral connection, then the whole world will automatically aspire to that state and become like it.

Then the book Mein Kampf will also be perceived differently. So the outcome depends on what is done in Israel. If we don’t take any measures, then it will be bad. But if unity will begin in Israel, then this book seemingly will highlight those characteristics of a person that are in need of correction.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/20/15

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The Impure Power Of Balak

Laitman_514_04Midrash Rabba, Parshat Balak: The bird in Parshat Balak revealed secrets to Balak that were not known to anyone. Among other things, the bird told Balak that he would overcome the children of Israel, yet would ultimately fall into their hands.

In a previous attempt, Balak did everything that was required so that the bird would speak. He bowed to it, burned incense to it, but the bird flew away from him.

Much later, the bird returned when a flame singed its tail. This showed Balak directly that the control of the Creator would ultimately prevail over his impure power.

Balak could not win because the highest point is general bestowal and love. Only on such a level is it possible to be like the Creator.

Question: What do the miracles of the left line indicate?

Answer: These are not miracles, but egoism that is created by the Creator because a spiritual structure, the spiritual world, is created only from the discovery of the ego and its correction. In fact, the spiritual world does not exist. We create it from the ego that is found in us and from the Light that we attract from above.

The influence of the Light on the ego is what builds states or images of mutual cooperation, thereby connecting them together. These are forms of mutual cooperation between two opposing forces.

To the extent that we attract the Light and want to resemble the Creator, the ego is born and developed in us. About this, it is also written, “The greater the man, the greater his Evil Inclination” (Sukkah 52a). So, to the degree that there is spiritual growth, problems increase.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 7/9/15

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Sex: Outdated Laws

Laitman_049_01Comment: The commander of Ayalon prison was under house arrest because of sexual harassment, although it later turned out that it was romantic love.

Answer: We are nearing the correction of the world. Our egoism kept growing throughout history and thus determined our evolution. But in the last 150 years the ego has begun to grow exponentially. In the past people didn’t think about sex so much. In ancient Rome and ancient Greece, for example, different celebrations and distortions were part of the elite’s life.

The life of ordinary people was very hard and they only thought about how to survive. They had several children, but they could never know how many of them would survive. Therefore this issue wasn’t relevant then.

Now, however, the growing ego is revealed in the form of sex since we are quite satisfied with regard to food. Therefore sexual desire is growing sharply, changing its forms beyond the ordinary frameworks of traditional sexual relations.

Different impulses, which humanity never encountered before emerge. We can see school children as young as 10 years old surfing pornographic websites, etc. It seemed that it would pass, but it isn’t, it keeps developing, taking on new forms each time.

The point is that man first develops in his desires for food, sex, family, and then there are the desires for wealth, respect, power, and knowledge.

But as I have already said, people are generally satisfied when it comes to food so it is time now for people to be satisfied sexually, just like they are with regard to food.

In the past sexual impulses were minor and a person could satisfy them in the framework of the family, but today it is erupting everywhere and all the time. After all, people live much longer now and while in the past a couple was married for 30 years and then died, today they live together for 50 years. This means that we are facing a totally different humanity, a different atmosphere, a different connection between people!

Why has the divorce rate increased so much? It is because the mutual relations between people are not meant to be for so long, not to speak of the egoism they have today.

Generally speaking, we should approach all the problems we encounter today in a totally different manner. We have not developed a new systematic perspective of modern relations between men and women, but we see how everything falls apart and that everything is temporary, casual and therefore an affair between a commander and a female prison guard is inevitable. Perhaps it makes no difference that he is a commander and that she is subordinate to him because if such relations do exist, it is very hard to resist them.

A person suddenly begins to feel that it is the main thing in his life. On the one hand we think: “What is going on?! A grown man, a prison commander, in such a post, he has three kids, a family…” She may also be in the same situation, and suddenly this happens. I believe that we cannot remain in outdated frameworks although the law strongly forbids such behavior.

We must understand the current state of man. Many may criticize me, but we cannot live according to the old principles and according to the old rules today. We have to change our approach to life every day, according to our ego.

The current laws were written 50 years ago, and you cannot accept them today like you did in the past. If 50 years ago 90% of the women were virgins when they got married, today hardly 10% of them are and men don’t care what the woman they marry did before they met.

Question: Does this mean that you endorse the legislation of new laws concerning this issue?

Answer: I believe in laws that go along with current circumstances. We have changed and the circumstances have changed, but the laws have remained the same. We put the laws above us instead of changing them to suit the circumstances, the relationships that we encounter in humanity today. Under no circumstances can we use the frameworks of the Middle Ages today!

We will not achieve anything this way but will only destroy people’s lives. They will not go along with the outdated laws anyway! Laws regarding mutual social relations and formal laws of conduct will differ. People will begin to disrespect and hate them. They need to be changed since otherwise society will be ill.

We should have social debates; debates on TV and on the social networks, everywhere. We have to work on this in public institutions and suggest changes in legislations and regulate them so that the laws constantly change according to the changes in society.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/16/15

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Midrash Rabba Before Torah

laitman_527_04Midrash Rabba, Parshat Balak: Balak could have been better than others by creating a magical bird. His name, Balak ben Tsipor (bird), indicates that he could predict the future with the help of a magical bird.

Midrash Rabba is a book that was written at the time that the Torah was written, and it could even have been before then. Sometimes, we even associate it with the times of our father Abraham who preceded the appearance of the Torah. This is because everything that is written there is written after that in the Torah, separated by 600 to 700 years.

So historically, Midrash Rabba is no less important than the Torah. The explanations in it are very broad and deep, delving into all kinds of different niches of the way to the spiritual development of a person.

When a person develops spiritually, he passes through those niches, understands them, but does not linger in them. Indeed, everyone can delve into them as a result of his development.

But there are souls who are so broad that they enter into all of these states and can describe them.

It must be understood that this is talking only about forces of nature, about the forces of man, those through which he passes by way of the systems of right and left, one system nourishing the other.

Egoism cannot exist without altruism and altruism without egoism. So, in a person there is only egoism, and solely and only above it he builds altruism as he transforms the ego and immerses it into altruism.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 7/8/15

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 12.27.15

Preparation for the Lesson

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Writings of Rabash, “Rungs of the Ladder,” Article 17

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Writings of Baal HaSulam,“The Giving of Torah,” Item 15

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Gatehouse of Intentions,” Item 21

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