The Impure Power Of Balak

Laitman_514_04Midrash Rabba, Parshat Balak: The bird in Parshat Balak revealed secrets to Balak that were not known to anyone. Among other things, the bird told Balak that he would overcome the children of Israel, yet would ultimately fall into their hands.

In a previous attempt, Balak did everything that was required so that the bird would speak. He bowed to it, burned incense to it, but the bird flew away from him.

Much later, the bird returned when a flame singed its tail. This showed Balak directly that the control of the Creator would ultimately prevail over his impure power.

Balak could not win because the highest point is general bestowal and love. Only on such a level is it possible to be like the Creator.

Question: What do the miracles of the left line indicate?

Answer: These are not miracles, but egoism that is created by the Creator because a spiritual structure, the spiritual world, is created only from the discovery of the ego and its correction. In fact, the spiritual world does not exist. We create it from the ego that is found in us and from the Light that we attract from above.

The influence of the Light on the ego is what builds states or images of mutual cooperation, thereby connecting them together. These are forms of mutual cooperation between two opposing forces.

To the extent that we attract the Light and want to resemble the Creator, the ego is born and developed in us. About this, it is also written, “The greater the man, the greater his Evil Inclination” (Sukkah 52a). So, to the degree that there is spiritual growth, problems increase.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 7/9/15

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