Studying Mein Kampf In School

laitman_431_05Comment: Lately there has been an active discussion in Germany about the question of the removal of Hitler’s book, Mein Kampf. And now comes the announcement that the German Teachers’ Association intends to include this book in the school curriculum.

They think that a detailed investigation and analysis of this work under the guidance of the teachers will make it possible to shield the students from extremism.

Answer: Everything depends on the form of the approach and study. But in any case, this will have a negative influence because that is our nature.

It is like offering children to learn words that are forbidden to be used, or showing pornographic movies and analyzing them from the perspective of high craftsmanship. But in any case the youth will look at it like a wolf at a goat, and he will converse with them about high material and simultaneously swallow his saliva.

I would imagine that this will not teach the children anything. Certainly they will develop various circles and youth movements of the Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth) type because each of them will feel that it is his history and he wants to justify himself.

The book itself was well-written, with all kinds of historical and other proofs. In principle, the author was right that the Jews are to blame for everything and that everything that was and is in Germany resulted from them.

I would say that this was not only in Germany but also worldwide. For everything that was done in the past and in the present was realized either by the Jews or through the Jews, or from the Jews through others. That is how our world was built and organized; we just need to understand how to use this correctly, finally leaving this vicious circle.

Humanity always goes in the same circle, constantly hitting itself and stepping on the same rake. So in this context, it is doubtful that this book will help.

Certainly it will give birth to a great number of anti-Semites. After their grandfathers, their grandchildren and great-grandchildren will stand up and it could be that it will then be possible to explain more to them. But today the anti-Semites are too atrophied if not completely indifferent regarding this problem. When they become more rigid, this will hasten development even though a movement like this in the left line is certainly an undesirable movement forward. But there is nothing to be done here.

The problem is again the Jews. For the world to go in the right direction, the Jews don’t need to convince anyone of anything and do anything else. For if they succeed in reorganizing themselves and finding their dependence and completing each other correctly in friendship, in love, and in integral connection, then the whole world will automatically aspire to that state and become like it.

Then the book Mein Kampf will also be perceived differently. So the outcome depends on what is done in Israel. If we don’t take any measures, then it will be bad. But if unity will begin in Israel, then this book seemingly will highlight those characteristics of a person that are in need of correction.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/20/15

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