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Infinite Pleasure Instead Of Black Friday

laitman_276_01Question: I waited so long for Black Friday to buy bicycles for myself. I finally bought them, and all of the desire for them disappeared for me. Why does this happen?

Answer: That is the way it always happens. If you are attracted to something that you don’t have, you have a desire for it and a desire to enjoy it. So you imagine your pleasure according to the lack and the unsatisfied desire, and therefore feel tit doubly.

When you get what you were seeking, the pleasure enters, it fills the desire, and you no longer want it, so that with the passing of the day or in a few hours the desire completely disappears. It is just like when you begin to eat some wonderfully delicious special dish that you really wanted to enjoy, but all of the pleasure ends.

The problem in our world is that when we begin to receive pleasure within the desire and the desire is fulfilled, just like when food fills up the stomach, we suddenly discover that the pleasure comes to an end. That is how everything ends, even life.

The question can be asked: Is it possible to get pleasure that will be endless and constantly increase instead of diminishing? Is it possible to do this so that the more that I receive, the more I enjoy, with no end? Then our lives would become unlimited, infinite, and eternal. Basically, this is the secret of eternal life. It depends only on how we use our desire.

The only question is how to make sure that the more I receive, the more I will want, and that this will never end. Is this possible?

The wisdom of Kabbalah is called “Kabbalah” (Reception) because this is a wisdom of how to receive; it talks about how to receive, how to fill myself in an unlimited and infinite manner.

If we connect among us—if the pleasure passes through me, and I transmit it to you, and you to another, and he to someone else and so on, and this flow constantly happens between us—then the pleasure never stops, and no one becomes full.

On the contrary, the pleasures that pass through everyone are constantly renewed, and each one of us begins to feel the pleasure that comes back to him from everyone, thus he gets pleasure from everyone. It follows that we have an infinite growth of pleasure that is infinite in time, which is called our attainment of the world to come, an eternal and perfect life.

That is what happens if we know how to us the reception of pleasure correctly, and this wisdom is called Kabbalah.

Question: Who begins to give first? Do I, or should I wait until they give to me, and then I give?

Answer: No, you come to a small group where, with you, they learn how you can connect so that the pleasure will pass from one to another, and we create a circular stream of energy between us that feels like we are rising in a flying saucer, above our substance, above all of this that is temporary, limited in movement, space, and enjoyment. And then you go into another dimension, away from all of the limitations of this world.
Come and try it!
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 11/29/15

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Caring About The Body And The Soul

Laitman_707Question: People often say that a person,who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and realizes that he is about to die in a few months begins to think about the meaning of life. Can we say that death motivates a person to clarify the meaning of life?

Answer: Of course. This is why we don’t really understand death but paradoxically feel it a long time before it arrives, a feeling that animals don’t have. They have a premonition of death that is more apparent than in humans, but it is closer to the actual state of death.

If it weren’t for death, people would behave quite differently. In the corporeal world, all calculations are through death. But this is actually a bad thing because a person is attached to his animal body.

The wisdom of Kabbalah, on the other hand, allows us to ascend above our body and to calculate things independently. The moment we exit it and enter the eternal flow of energy, information, and Light, we immediately cease to take the body into account.

In other words, as long as we are alive we have to take care of the body, because we perform certain corrections in this life through it, but taking care of it, practically, should be just that.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 111/15

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There Is No Place For Evil Forces In Nature

laitman_554Question: According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, is there a Satan?

Answer: No evil forces exist in nature, except for ourselves. No Satan (adversary), no angels and no demons exist. In Kabbalah, these terms refer to egoistic forces, no more than this.

Everything depends only on the person because people include the entire world within themselves, and if they rise to the level of the completion of correction, then no one can harm them.

However, people who don’t correctly understand the Kabbalistic sources begin to invent demons, vampires, and other evil spirits. Much time is needed to cleanse our minds of fantasies, ideas, and thoughts like these. All of these are egoistic forces within us that we must correct.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/11/15

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In The Matrix Of Worlds

laitman_739We exist in a completely deterministic system, tied from end to end with billions of nodes, and it is not in our power to change it. We only have the purely subjective possibility of changing its influence on us in that we experience its influence within us according to our internal state.

The science of Kabbalah says  that:

• Either we go with the flow of this system, which obliges us to be changed according to it; it forces us to bring ourselves into balance with it.

But this equilibrium is attained through very serious problems, continuous suffering that comes to all of humanity and to all of nature. And this is not only on the face of the Earth (volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes) but also in the universe (explosions on stars and other cosmic dramas).

• Or we strive to understand this system, what it requires from us, according to what law it evolves, and how we can match it so that we put ourselves into a state of homeostasis, balance, and harmony with it.

In this general system, which includes all of creation, space, our planet Earth with its nature and ecology and ourselves, is called the upper world, and we are within it.

The science of Kabbalah explains where we are and in what manner we can, from our free will, independently, with the joy of discovery and attainment, aspire to balance and accommodation with this external system all the time.

Through constant pursuit of the point of balance with the general system, when we go with it in unison, we begin to perceive its development, its forces, its tendencies, the intelligence that is behind this entire plan and its inner power.
There we feel intense love and care for us.

As we begin to be involved with this vast wisdom, we see that it includes all that a person feels and much more.

All this is given so that a person can become aware of his desires and thoughts; he goes out of himself and becomes an integral particle of the whole system; that is, he attains it completely and simultaneously is in at as one small manageable part.

Question: What prevents us from hearing this call or feeling this thought?

Answer: In order to understand the unity and integrality of the system, we were created disconnected and opposite to each other. This is because if we were created within this system, with its same characteristics, we would be inanimate, like it.

And in order to raise us from the inanimate level to the highest level, meaning to the thought of creation, we need to be completely opposite to this system, starting from our initial and basic state so that nothing disappears from us. We remain separate and opposite to the absolute, and are joined together above this, to attain a similarity to Him.

So when a person begins to grow spiritually, he is dual, meaning composed internally of two opposing systems. One of them is completely opposite to the system of management and the second is some partial resemblance to it that he himself creates within himself.

This was done intentionally by nature, so that from our point of view, we could “give birth to ourselves” as spiritually sensitive and begin spiritual attainment, ascending the levels of the upper worlds. The levels of the upper worlds are levels of resemblance to the upper force.

Question: Why would a person not immediately be placed within this harmonious state?

Answer: If he were placed him in such a state, he would have remained insensitive, like a stone in a field; he would lie there and not feel anything other than his minimal state.

But there are people who yearn to include the whole world within them, to understand, to perceive, to connect with the entire complete system. A person must have a desire like this: he needs to love and to tolerate, to be found with two opposing characteristics and grow according to the distance between them.

He suffers from not attaining fulfillment of his desires, whereas these are determined for him from above. A new desire is born within him every moment; this is called the awakening of Reshimot (remembrances). Reshimot [from the word, “Roshem” (impression), “Rishum” (recording)] are records of the next states. And the person constantly yearns for what is ahead with the goal of realizing them. This is his role.

And here he has a choice: either he throws everything into the hands of fate, and then he is pushed forward through all kinds of means, or he tries to attain his next state through his research and rising above himself. And this summarizes our lives: either a person goes with the flow or he tries to paddle on his own.

The difference between movement without organization and moving on your own is that you move with your own forces, you go with the force of the Creator. And in movement without organization, the nature of the inanimate rules you and you remain spiritually inanimate.

But to advance independently, against the nature of the inanimate, you need to receive His characteristics from the upper force, from the Creator. He makes it possible for you to advance forward, for this is the system of your relationship with the Creator. You go out to another level, and are not left alone in a boat in the middle of the turbulent river of life, but rise up to Him and are found with Him, above the stars.
From the conversation 11/19/14

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“Europe Has Lost Its Way”

laitman_426Opinion (Anders Aslund, senior fellow at the Atlantic Council in Washington, DC ): “Europe’s response to the strategic challenges it is facing – Russian aggression in Ukraine, refugees fleeing violence in the Middle East, disorder in North Africa – leaves the impression that its leaders have no idea what to do. And indeed, they may not – a reality that needs to be acknowledged, not papered over.

“Simply put, the European Union’s stagnant economy is conditioning its response to the external pressures it confronts; internal crisis has left EU leaders little room for maneuver. Fortunately, Europe has the means to address this crisis, if it can summon the wisdom and the political will.

“The origins of the EU’s problems lie in its response to the 2008 global financial crisis: two years of large-scale fiscal stimulus. While this did little for growth, it resulted in crippling public debt. Seven years later, EU output per person is no higher than it was at the start of the crisis. Meanwhile, average public debt has soared to 87% of GDP, leaving little space for policy flexibility or innovation….

“Little has changed since Italian economists Alberto Alesina and Francesco Giavazzi noted, nearly a decade ago, that, ‘Without serious, deep, and comprehensive reforms, Europe will inexorably decline, both economically and politically.. They warned that, ‘Absent profound change, in 20 or 30 years the share of Europe [in world output] will be significantly lower than it is today, and, perhaps more important, its political influence will be much trimmed.’

“Indeed, a World Bank report on European growth in 2012 summed up the situation as follows: ‘Aging Europeans are being squeezed between innovative Americans and efficient Asians.’ …

“The EU will continue to flounder until it recognizes its mistakes and begins to carry out the reforms its economy needs. Only by putting the continent firmly back on the path of growth will Europe’s leaders be able to address the external challenges they now confront.”

My Comment: The solution to the crisis is not in the implementation of “comprehensive reforms,” but only in a transition to another type of society, to unite, like nature, which provides us with an example of its union and universal dependence. We are in a system of natural forces and cannot discount this.

The growing differences in our strife-torn society causes a strong contrast of humanity from nature in general, from the system in which we exist. This difference, which is due to the influence of forces on us that are returning us to resembling nature and balance, is felt by us as suffering.

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Who Will Lead The Nation To The Land Of Israel?

laitman_749_02The Torah, “Numbers,” 20:12: The Lord said to Moses and Aaron, “Since you did not have faith in Me to sanctify Me in the eyes of the children of Israel, therefore you shall not bring this assembly to the Land which I have given them.”

Moshe cannot lead and bring the nation to the land of Israel because he is more connected to the people than to the Creator, meaning that the connection between Malchut and Bina was premature. It only appears at the next level, at the level of Joshua, who lead and brought the people to this land after he completed the preparation, which included all kinds of small corrections, including Moshe and Aaron.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/24/15

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