Infinite Pleasure Instead Of Black Friday

laitman_276_01Question: I waited so long for Black Friday to buy bicycles for myself. I finally bought them, and all of the desire for them disappeared for me. Why does this happen?

Answer: That is the way it always happens. If you are attracted to something that you don’t have, you have a desire for it and a desire to enjoy it. So you imagine your pleasure according to the lack and the unsatisfied desire, and therefore feel tit doubly.

When you get what you were seeking, the pleasure enters, it fills the desire, and you no longer want it, so that with the passing of the day or in a few hours the desire completely disappears. It is just like when you begin to eat some wonderfully delicious special dish that you really wanted to enjoy, but all of the pleasure ends.

The problem in our world is that when we begin to receive pleasure within the desire and the desire is fulfilled, just like when food fills up the stomach, we suddenly discover that the pleasure comes to an end. That is how everything ends, even life.

The question can be asked: Is it possible to get pleasure that will be endless and constantly increase instead of diminishing? Is it possible to do this so that the more that I receive, the more I enjoy, with no end? Then our lives would become unlimited, infinite, and eternal. Basically, this is the secret of eternal life. It depends only on how we use our desire.

The only question is how to make sure that the more I receive, the more I will want, and that this will never end. Is this possible?

The wisdom of Kabbalah is called “Kabbalah” (Reception) because this is a wisdom of how to receive; it talks about how to receive, how to fill myself in an unlimited and infinite manner.

If we connect among us—if the pleasure passes through me, and I transmit it to you, and you to another, and he to someone else and so on, and this flow constantly happens between us—then the pleasure never stops, and no one becomes full.

On the contrary, the pleasures that pass through everyone are constantly renewed, and each one of us begins to feel the pleasure that comes back to him from everyone, thus he gets pleasure from everyone. It follows that we have an infinite growth of pleasure that is infinite in time, which is called our attainment of the world to come, an eternal and perfect life.

That is what happens if we know how to us the reception of pleasure correctly, and this wisdom is called Kabbalah.

Question: Who begins to give first? Do I, or should I wait until they give to me, and then I give?

Answer: No, you come to a small group where, with you, they learn how you can connect so that the pleasure will pass from one to another, and we create a circular stream of energy between us that feels like we are rising in a flying saucer, above our substance, above all of this that is temporary, limited in movement, space, and enjoyment. And then you go into another dimension, away from all of the limitations of this world.
Come and try it!
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 11/29/15

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