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Why Doesn’t Anything Satisfy Me?

Laitman_507_02Question: Why haven’t I ever had the feeling of complete satisfaction in my life?

Answer: People cannot experience complete satisfaction in this world because as soon as we are filled with something, the feeling starts to fade away and we lose it. Therefore a person never has the feeling that he has attained what he desires and that he doesn’t need anything else. The moment he is filled, the feeling of pleasure immediately disappears. And so it always is in our world.

We were created this way in order to develop more and more new desires so that eventually we will understand that it is impossible to satisfy them. Then a person reaches the wisdom of Kabbalah, which teaches him how to be truly satisfied and tells him how to actually develop enormous, infinite desires and to fill them with perfect, eternal pleasure.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/11/15

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Don’t Avoid Your True Self-Fulfillment

laitman_546_02Question: If a person at work and involved in daily life, does that mean that he draws away from what is really important, from the attainment of the spiritual world?

Answer: Of course, he sinks into work and life.

If he thinks, for example, that life is raising his children, then where will these children extract the meaning of life from? From their upbringing. So we will continue to live as animals from one generation to the next.

We may think that the meaning of life is our work. It is even worse if we find a certain occupation and delve into it until we retire. Of course it absorbs, fills, and satisfies a person.

This is especially true when one engages in scientific research. I know this personally. But it obscures the most important question of life; it is as if a person draws a curtain over his eyes.

Question: Should we envy a person who is satisfied with his life and believes that life is just about living?

Answer: No, of course we shouldn’t envy him! It is as if he simply swallows a drug called self-satisfaction and seems to lower his head and draw away from true self-fulfillment. This is how fate plays with a person, testing him.

I have often tried to set such goals for myself, but I would immediately reconsider and draw away from them.

Question: What if you were offered a Nobel Prize?

Answer: Maybe once this was attractive, but that was really a long time ago. I am sure that very quickly a person feels disappointment after receiving this prize.

A Nobel Prize is more about respect and prestige than money, which means that you place the opinion of the society above your own life and work so you are respected.

Is this what you are living for? In a few years neither you nor society will exist and everything will be meaningless.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/25/15

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What Is Reincarnation?

Laitman_154Answer: A person is born with a particular spiritual potential and he can choose whether to realize it in our world or not.

When the body of a person dies, this spiritual potential passes to another body that is born, and that is how it continues until it is fully realized. This is what is called reincarnation, which is relevant only to the spiritual potential.

Therefore, according to a person’s interests, it is possible to understand the level of his potential, whether he is ready for its spiritual expression or he is still in intermediate stages far from it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/10/15

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Start A New Life!

laitman_629_1Question: Why do we want to exploit each other and are willing to trample on others just so it will be better for us?

Answer: Because otherwise we don’t feel that we use the world. Only through exploiting others can we succeed; this is our egoistic nature.

To succeed otherwise, where we help others, is the nature of the upper world, a higher level, the upper dimension. We are not able to do this because we act only within our evil nature, from egoistic desire. As it is written: “I created the Evil Inclination”; this is what is in us.

Question: All my life I was taught that we all use each other, and so it is worthwhile to learn to behave like this. And now you ask me to completely over turn all my prior education. How can I manage to do this if this is completely illogical?

Answer: It is not illogical, but try to learn without changing anything in your life. Just study! And suddenly you will discover that you open a door to a whole new world that doesn’t work according to the principle of reception, but according to the law of bestowal.

Then you suddenly reveal unlimited power and possibilities. After all, by exploiting others a person is always limited because each wants to exploit the others. But when we work with everyone in mutual bestowal, we are unlimited.

And then we go out into space called Olam Ein Sof, the world of infinity, a perfect and eternal world, because nobody steals and nobody takes from the other, but on the contrary, complements the deficiencies of others.

This is an absolutely different form than material existence; it is spiritual material. This is called spiritual, but in fact this is our substance and we can attain this, then life is revealed in front of us in its perfection.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 11/18/15

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A Great Miracle Happened Here

laitman_570Question: Why is it a custom to spin a dreidel on Hanukkah with the acronym of the Hebrew letters of the words “a great miracle happened here” on it, and see on which letter it will fall?

Answer: The spinning dreidel is our life. We spin and spin our life and eventually realize that it is only when we all spin ourselves together around one common axis that we will reach our fulfillment and our goal.

Question: The Israeli nation is terribly divided today. Around which axis would you recommend that we all spin: the right wing, the left wing, the religious, or the non-religious?

Answer: It is said, “love will cover all the sins,” which refers to the division between us and the hatred and rejection we feel toward one another. Differences will remain and it is actually above them that we all connect and unite. We spin around this unity, and this is our common axis.

Let’s hope that we, the people living in Israel, will set an example of unity to Jews abroad and even to the Jews in the US who are starting to draw away from Israel. We will draw them all to us by our unity.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 12/6/15

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“The Scariest Thing About Islamic State? Its Kinder, Gentler Side.”


From the News (Reuters): “The attacks on Paris brought Islamic State’s brutality home to the Western world. Before last week, reports of the group’s atrocities were shocking but easier to dismiss, happening far beyond European borders. The world expressed outrage but largely stood by as the group pushed out recruitment propaganda depicting sex slavery and the brutal torture and murder of its captives. These incidents are horrific, but they overshadow a more insidious, long-term threat: Islamic State’s kinder, gentler side.

“Thousands of peace-loving people live in Islamic State-occupied areas and are fed a steady stream of positive propaganda: Islamic State members feeding the poor, and hosting ice cream socials, carnivals, and tug-of-war contests. Islamic State is trying — and in some areas, succeeding — in winning hearts and minds. Left unchecked, its public support will grow, making the group more difficult to defeat in the long run and giving it the space it needs to conduct future attacks like those in Paris and Beirut.

“Charlie Winter, of the counter-extremism think tank Quilliam, performed a month-long study of Islamic State propaganda. Winter discovered that — contrary to what we see in Western media — over half of Islamic State propaganda shows people going about everyday activities in a peaceful and normal manner.

“In many ways, the group serves as a functioning government in the areas it controls, offering services once provided by the Syrian and Iraqi regimes. It collects taxes, picks up trash, runs schools, issues marriage licenses, provides security, and even employs former government bureaucrats to make sure everything runs smoothly. In Syria’s Deir ez-Zor province, Islamic State has issued regulations to protect natural resources and the environment, suggesting that the group is settled in for the long run. Some Syrian citizens under Islamic State control claim that the group’s efforts have helped return some sense of normalcy to their lives, a welcome reprieve from the grueling civil war.

“One resident of an Islamic State-controlled city told Time magazine that he originally opposed Islamic State, but changed his mind after it paid for his brother’s wedding, provided him with fuel, and helped fix his neighbour’s house. Islamic State also carefully controls what those under its control can read and hear: outside media and anti-Islamic State messages are forbidden. This is terrifying. Given enough time, this captive audience could eventually determine that Islamic State’s harsh system of rule is worth the veneer of peace and normality, and grow to support the group. This is classic Stockholm Syndrome, but on a much wider and far more devastating scale.

“There is precedent for such a transformation. In the 1990s, the Taliban gained considerable public support by establishing law and order in a chaotic Afghanistan. Groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah used charitable acts and social welfare programs to transform themselves from violent fringe groups into political entities with support from wide swaths of the population. Both groups have devoted significant time and resources to social welfare wings, which support schools, libraries, medical clinics, orphanages, food aid, and sports leagues. By 2006, Hamas had enough support to win a decisive victory in Palestine’s parliamentary election. By 2008, Hezbollah had gained control of over a third of Lebanon’s cabinet seats.

“It is frightening to imagine that Islamic State could eventually follow this trajectory. Although Islamic State rejects democracy, if it continues to rally public support through works of charity and governance, it could become entrenched in society and be that much harder to defeat. Even the group’s draconian treatment of women may not be enough to stymie public support. For example, women in Afghanistan once enjoyed considerably more freedom than they do today — they wore modern clothes, attended university, and worked in professional settings. The Taliban put a stop to this, but much of the public was willing to see women’s rights decreased in exchange for less violence. History is poised to repeat itself in Syria.

“The international coalition against Islamic State invests significant resources to counter the group’s negative propaganda, but not enough attention is paid to debunking the group’s positive messages. Now is the time to address this problem. In just a couple of years, it may be too late.”

My Comment:I think that without a doubt, evil will win if it is not exposed as a means for control, not over life, but over a person’s soul. For Daesh wants souls, faith, obedience to Islam throughout the world, in exchange for which Daesh is ready to provide people with all the comforts of life.

And the need to decide is created here; what is important in the life of a person and which way will humanity go, selling itself for food like a beast, or raising the importance of the spirit above animal comforts.

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