The Eternal Flame Of Unity

Laitman_931-01Question: How did your teacher Rabash relate to Chanukah?

Answer: Very little was said about Chanukah. We read a little about the holiday from the book of the Ari, The Gate Of Intentions (Shaar Kavanot).

The point is that this holiday doesn’t stem from the Torah itself. Chanukah symbolizes a typical case that from the time of Abraham onwards should continuously repeat itself. It symbolizes the numerous corrections that await us along the spiritual path.

We are in a continuous war against our internal egoistic enemies and should constantly connect and unite against them. Then a miracle takes place in the connection between us, the upper force of love.

Question: Is this why we say Chanu-kah which in Hebrew means a stop along the way?

Answer: A stop along the way is only half of the correction of the ego, of the desire to receive until the level of bestowal. But we have nothing to bestow and so Chanukah symbolizes the ascent above the ego. This ascent is like the flame of a candle that flickers above the ego.

The oil that is absorbed by the wick symbolizes our ego that has to be corrected that way so that in contrast to our nature, it will give its Light. This happens under inner pressure when we intend to connect despite our ego in order to reach complete bestowal. This is the essence of Chanukah.

The burning of the oil symbolizes our self-annulment before each other in the connection between us. The wick is our collective effort to connect and to unite, which lights the fire.

The miracle is when the Light that connects Malchut (our egoistic desires) with Bina (the attribute of bestowal) arrives. Eight days (eight levels) later Malchut attains the attribute of Bina and a new ego begins to grow with which we work in the same manner.

Question: We have to reach a state of unity one way or the other, either along the path of the Light or along the path of suffering. What will happen with Chanukah then?

Answer: All the holidays except for Purim will disappear. In Chanukah we only rise above our ego while in Purim we use it in order to work with the intention of in order to bestow. Here we use all our old ego to the end so that it fully works in love and bestowal. Thus a state like Purim is eternal.

It is a state of upper joy that swallows all the other states and the holidays that match them and so they all disappear.

Purim is the most sublime holiday that symbolizes the end of the correction of humanity.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/17/14

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