The Light Of Hanukkah In Your Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, Letter 43: The candles will not glow until three conditions are met:

1. There is a candle, which is a vessel into which oil is poured,
2. There is oil,
3. There is a wick.

When these three conditions unite together, it becomes possible to rejoice for the light they produce.

These three conditions that are necessary for the light also reflect our structure. We consist of the will to enjoy, which acts egoistically.Therefore, when we look at the world, we see that it is full of suffering and problems.

No one acts honestly, everyone harms one another, and I can’t understand why the Creator (if He even exists) has created such a bad world. I would have made it much better if I were Him! I look at everything through my evil, egoistic desire, and that is why I see evil all around.

However, if I begin to override my confusion by thinking that the Creator is good and does everything well, whereas I feel evil only because I am bad, then all of these thoughts and desires collide inside me and contradict one another. This is called the “wick” (Ptila) because I discern where is the “waste” (Psolet) from my desire and what is bad about it.

The desire is a vessel and there is a “wick” inside it that is produced by overcoming the desire. These discernments (Birurim) give rise to the fuel (Beirut), meaning the oil – the Light of Hochma.

These three components are also present in the human soul, which desires to figure itself out and light up like a candle. They are also present in the regular candle, which is a symbol of the soul.

The vessel or desire was egoistic by nature, wanting “for its own sake.” That is how I was born. With the help of studying Kabbalah in the group, I create a “wick” that can light up because I begin to fight back and discern who is the Creator and who am I. The “oil” is the result because this state gives rise to the “fuel.”

I wage a struggle: I want to attain bestowal, but I am incapable of it. I dash forward, but my nature pulls me back. Pharaoh does not let me come out of his power. However, that is how I discern myself and the Creator, as well as the kind of system through which I can be connected to Him.

And after overcoming this a person merits the Light of the Creator that illuminates his soul, called the Light of Hanukkah. This is the revelation of the Upper Providence, carrying goodness to the creatures.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/1/10, Writings of Rabash

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  1. I dare ask a serious question.

    What if the evil that exists is because of our unwillingness to make things better? Perhaps the evil always continues because we simply close our eyes to it and think it is all good? I am bothered by this article…

  2. Everytime I come onto this website I feel as though you know exactly what I am thinking and like you know exactly what I need to read or hear. I’m seeing that we ARE connected, even though you are so far away. Everyday I feel it more and more. I can’t stop thinking about it, and all I ever want to do anymore is come back to see what’s here for me. When I get home from work I’m not interested in anything else, at all. I’m looking for spiritual messages you have posted and I spend hours reading and sorting through them and then I take what I get from you, mesh it together with what the Creator is speaking to me, and then work on my own Facebook wall so that others can come to my site and see. Many people make comments about your words, that they are appreciating them, telling me to keep them coming. This is not just affecting my life but others are being blessed. I’m starting to realize that even though you are way over there we are not separated, it’s just an illusion. WE are somewhere else and we are ONE. One with the Creator, and One with each other. I’m starting to see your perspective so much clearer and my doubts and fears are going away. Thank you for putting up with my egoistic use of spiritual information. I’m learning more each day that I’ve been blinded by this huge ego of mine because I’ve had so much spiritual data stored up in me, from attending private religious schooling all of my life, and it has puffed me up with pride. I’m praying that this is the point when the Creator is going to give me the strength I need to deny myself and follow the promptings of His Spirit. I’ve learned a lot things that I really needed to grasp just by making comments to your mini articles. I guess I was writing them in order to learn from them not just to correct you.
    I’m fearful though… I’m aware that the Creator gives grace to the humble but resists proud, arrogant, egoists; and I can’t stop these things. It makes me sad because I want to do good and I keep fumbling up everything. I pray for understanding and then when I think that the Creator has given me understanding I just realize that it is my ego telling me that I understand, when I really don’t, and never will.
    How I wish I that I could be free…
    How I wish that I could see…
    Give me eyes to see…
    To see what I’ve always wanted to see…

  3. Thank you I continue to struggle a bit however I do feel an internal change within ,that I can’t put into words at this time

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