Don’t Avoid Your True Self-Fulfillment

laitman_546_02Question: If a person at work and involved in daily life, does that mean that he draws away from what is really important, from the attainment of the spiritual world?

Answer: Of course, he sinks into work and life.

If he thinks, for example, that life is raising his children, then where will these children extract the meaning of life from? From their upbringing. So we will continue to live as animals from one generation to the next.

We may think that the meaning of life is our work. It is even worse if we find a certain occupation and delve into it until we retire. Of course it absorbs, fills, and satisfies a person.

This is especially true when one engages in scientific research. I know this personally. But it obscures the most important question of life; it is as if a person draws a curtain over his eyes.

Question: Should we envy a person who is satisfied with his life and believes that life is just about living?

Answer: No, of course we shouldn’t envy him! It is as if he simply swallows a drug called self-satisfaction and seems to lower his head and draw away from true self-fulfillment. This is how fate plays with a person, testing him.

I have often tried to set such goals for myself, but I would immediately reconsider and draw away from them.

Question: What if you were offered a Nobel Prize?

Answer: Maybe once this was attractive, but that was really a long time ago. I am sure that very quickly a person feels disappointment after receiving this prize.

A Nobel Prize is more about respect and prestige than money, which means that you place the opinion of the society above your own life and work so you are respected.

Is this what you are living for? In a few years neither you nor society will exist and everything will be meaningless.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/25/15

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