Why Doesn’t Anything Satisfy Me?

Laitman_507_02Question: Why haven’t I ever had the feeling of complete satisfaction in my life?

Answer: People cannot experience complete satisfaction in this world because as soon as we are filled with something, the feeling starts to fade away and we lose it. Therefore a person never has the feeling that he has attained what he desires and that he doesn’t need anything else. The moment he is filled, the feeling of pleasure immediately disappears. And so it always is in our world.

We were created this way in order to develop more and more new desires so that eventually we will understand that it is impossible to satisfy them. Then a person reaches the wisdom of Kabbalah, which teaches him how to be truly satisfied and tells him how to actually develop enormous, infinite desires and to fill them with perfect, eternal pleasure.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/11/15

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