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laitman_629_1Question: Why do we want to exploit each other and are willing to trample on others just so it will be better for us?

Answer: Because otherwise we don’t feel that we use the world. Only through exploiting others can we succeed; this is our egoistic nature.

To succeed otherwise, where we help others, is the nature of the upper world, a higher level, the upper dimension. We are not able to do this because we act only within our evil nature, from egoistic desire. As it is written: “I created the Evil Inclination”; this is what is in us.

Question: All my life I was taught that we all use each other, and so it is worthwhile to learn to behave like this. And now you ask me to completely over turn all my prior education. How can I manage to do this if this is completely illogical?

Answer: It is not illogical, but try to learn without changing anything in your life. Just study! And suddenly you will discover that you open a door to a whole new world that doesn’t work according to the principle of reception, but according to the law of bestowal.

Then you suddenly reveal unlimited power and possibilities. After all, by exploiting others a person is always limited because each wants to exploit the others. But when we work with everyone in mutual bestowal, we are unlimited.

And then we go out into space called Olam Ein Sof, the world of infinity, a perfect and eternal world, because nobody steals and nobody takes from the other, but on the contrary, complements the deficiencies of others.

This is an absolutely different form than material existence; it is spiritual material. This is called spiritual, but in fact this is our substance and we can attain this, then life is revealed in front of us in its perfection.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 11/18/15

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