A Great Miracle Happened Here

laitman_570Question: Why is it a custom to spin a dreidel on Hanukkah with the acronym of the Hebrew letters of the words “a great miracle happened here” on it, and see on which letter it will fall?

Answer: The spinning dreidel is our life. We spin and spin our life and eventually realize that it is only when we all spin ourselves together around one common axis that we will reach our fulfillment and our goal.

Question: The Israeli nation is terribly divided today. Around which axis would you recommend that we all spin: the right wing, the left wing, the religious, or the non-religious?

Answer: It is said, “love will cover all the sins,” which refers to the division between us and the hatred and rejection we feel toward one another. Differences will remain and it is actually above them that we all connect and unite. We spin around this unity, and this is our common axis.

Let’s hope that we, the people living in Israel, will set an example of unity to Jews abroad and even to the Jews in the US who are starting to draw away from Israel. We will draw them all to us by our unity.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 12/6/15

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