Good Will And A Good Attitude

Dr. Michael LaitmanAfter thousands of years of human development, humanity has reached the recognition of the evil of its nature. We finally realize what is happening and see that all of our lives are full of suffering and that all of our history is a history full of very great pain.

We thought that we were wise, advanced, enlightened, and very developed, and, ultimately we are empty, without hope and without a future for the new generation that has been born.

In such a difficult and critical situation, I am ready to think about a method and a new form of life. This would not be a life that is derived from my inner egoistic drives of exploitation of others from generation to generation, but from a different inclination, the exploitation of myself for the good of others.

This is the choice that stands before us, the only approach that is dictated by nature, the dilemma between the two inclinations: the evil (egoistic) inclination and the good (altruistic) inclination. There is no other possibility. The human has developed for thousands of years with a desire to exploit the environment, the still, vegetative, and animate nature, and human beings, and all of this is for himself and only for himself.  Now only one thing is left: to change this model to an opposite model. This means reaching balance with the environment. Indeed, I suffer because everyone wants to exploit each other, as do I. Ultimately, we are depleted. We deplete each other. We become upset, helpless, and defenseless. In short, we have reached a dead end.

There is simply no other choice. We must examine ourselves, understand how it is up to us to change our approach toward life, and then, instead of “everyone pulling the blanket toward himself,” it is clear that the only solution is to talk about cooperation and balance between us.

Indeed, the Earth is ready to provide us with all that we require, but, because of our ego, we are like foolish children who steal from each other, and ultimately no one is happy and no one gets any true satisfaction in life. So, the only solution is to balance the relationships between all of us. We begin from this: How do we change?

At the present time, I want to pull everything toward me, even if I don’t need it. The main thing is not to leave anything for others. That is how I enjoy not just my fulfillment, but also the deprivation of others. It is not enough that I have more than others. I don’t want them to have anything. Essentially, the fact that they have something bothers me because I always measure my situation in relation to others, and am happy that I have more and they have less.

So, it is up to us to understand what is good and what is bad in our nature and how we can compensate, complete, and correct it.

Question: Even if I want to reach balance, on what grounds can I evaluate my activities? How can I know what will help and what will harm me?

Answer: What makes things better for others will help, and the others will think about what is good for me. We try to do good to one another, to do the opposite of what is happening today.

Question: Each of the others has his own desires. Does this mean that it is always up to me to be changed within, to adjust myself to them? This requires me to be very sensitive to people.

Answer: The main thing is the desire to do good to others and to have a good attitude toward others. First of all, the attraction towards this comes from a lack of choice, and we continue to work on this. We hold workshops, games, events, and discussions, until, within us, we are sure that it is possible to get along mutually—well, with love—by rising above our ego, which doesn’t disappear anywhere but remains and becomes stronger.

We arrange the connection specifically in the face of the ego, above differences of opinion, above opposition, and we build good relationships among us and connect with balance.

Through this, we design a new standard of living, a new level called Man (Adam), leaving the previous level.

Question: This means that agreement fundamentally is not enough? It cannot be the button that activates the mechanism of cooperation?

Answer: This button is found in me, within my heart, and in order to press it, I release all of my good impulses and use them for the benefit of others, and I close, contract, and freeze all of my bad impulses.

Of course, for this, we must build the entire auxiliary systems of the new world, build them with our own hands. With their help, we learn to differentiate between good and evil, between bestowal to others and reception from them, between using myself for their good and exploiting them for my good.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/10/14

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  1. If life is an illusion, then unity is an illusion too?

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