The Coming Redivision In The Middle East

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News ( “The Islamic state [ISIS] is a threat to Saudi Arabia. ISIS has already established a state within certain borders. It says that after the ascent of Jerusalem there will be the fall of the hawk. The hawk is Medina (the Muslim city).

“The ‘Islamic state’ is aspiring to hasten the coming of the day of judgment. One of the goals the Islamic state has declared is the conquering of Mecca and Medina and the destruction of the idols, which means the black stone.

“The leaders of Saudi Arabia recognize the impending threat. A direct clash with ISIS would lead to many negative outcomes for the Sunni states in the Middle East. The reporting of many Western media channels about the actions of Russia is a classic example of double standard and a propaganda war.

“There is a counter attack, not against Assad personally, but against Assad as the Shi’ite Iranian representative in the Middle East, because Iran and Hezbollah are building a Shi’ite belt through Syria. This is a threat to the Sunni hegemony of  Saudi Arabia in the region.”

My Comment: All over the world is a common march on Jerusalem. …

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