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The Carriers Of The Ark

laitman_933Midrash Raba, Korach: Korach was a cousin of Moses and Aaron. He was chosen to be one of the carriers of the Holy Ark. What is more, Korach was a very educated and learned man.

Being a carrier of the ark meant to sustain the yearning for the Creator in the air without letting it touch the ground, i.e., your ego. The ark symbolizes the corrected soul in which the Creator is revealed.

Until that moment, only the area between the cherubs is revealed, angel-like birds that are on the cover of the ark. The Creator’s voice is heard from there, which means that the attribute of Bina is attained. Therefore, whoever carried the ark must have this attribute.

Question: But whoever carries the ark leans on the ground and lifts the ark, thus carrying it above the ground.

Answer: It only seems that the carriers of the ark lift it. In fact, the ark lifts them above the ground because it is the attribute of Bina. The ark detaches them from the ego, and it is as if they float above the ground. This means that when a person works with the intention of in order to bestow unto the Creator, he actually ascends.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/20/15

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The Peak Of Globalization Is In The Past?

laitman_202_0In the News ( “The slowness in economic growth in nations with a transitional economy may lead to global economic problems. Not long ago no one could even imagine something like this.

“Chinese exports shrank, the Russian economy is in recession, Turkey is losing economic stability, the Malaysian currency and the Thai Baht have fallen, the Brazilian rating has fallen into the garbage, Indonesia, and South Africa are slipping.

“Hardly anyone predicted such a process. Nations with a transitional economy were guaranteed that the industrial nations could find buyers for equipment, machinery and cars. This made it possible for the young population of Europe to strive to become part of the middle class with a car, their own apartment and savings for old age.

“And the opposite, the boom in goods, served as a guarantee for growth in nations with a transitional economy: The volume of Brazilian exports increased, as well as the oil and gas of Russia. When nations agree on a steady flow of income from the export of goods and because of this they don’t pay attention to self-development, economists speak about a ‘resource curse.’ Structural deficits make the nations with a transitional economy vulnerable. There is no reason that they would be able to provoke a new boom: The peak point of globalization is in the past.”

My Comment: It is not globalization but simply utilitarian individualism. This doesn’t even “smell” like globalization. Globalization is interdependence, and it will be revealed more and more, not from the tycoons and industrialists, but from nature itself that will connect us into a tighter and tighter and mutually dependent network. And we will be obligated to understand our egoistic and individualistic opposition to global and integral nature. We will be obligated to change our egoistic nature; this is the next stage in our development.

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The End Of A World Without Borders

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (Wall Street Journal): “This was supposed to be the Era of No Fences. No walls between blocs. No borders between countries. No barriers to trade. Visa-free tourism. The single market. A global Internet. Frictionless transactions and seamless exchanges. …

“We built a fenceless world on the wrong set of assumptions about the future. We wanted a new liberal order—one with a lot of liberalism and not a lot of order. We wanted to be a generous civilization without doing the things required to be a prosperous one. …

“The result is our metastasizing global disorder. It’s only going to get worse. The graciousness that Germans have shown the first wave of refugees is a tribute to the country’s sense of humanity and history. But just as the warm welcome is destined to create an irresistible magnet for future migrants, it is also bound to lead to a backlash among Germans. …

“Suddenly, there’s talk in Europe about using military power to establish safe zones in Syria to contain the exodus of refugees. …

“The alternative is to hasten the return to the era of fences. Openness is a virtue purchased through strength.”

My Comment: An open world can only be between those who are open to one another. It is impossible to bring a person into your home or your country without reeducating him from being an egoist to a friend, and especially not masses of foreigners who refuse to accept the owners’ rules. Europe is nearing the realization that in the global world there is a need for getting closer to one another by the reeducation of both themselves and the immigrants.  The Creator (the general law of nature) will force all of us to bring the new global world to one religion: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

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A Hologram Of The Spiritual Worlds

laitman_214Baal HaSulam, “The Teaching of Kabbalah and Its Essence”: …and what exists in the Higher World necessarily exists in all the worlds below it, since the lower one is imprinted by it. Know that these realities and their conducts, which the seeker of the Creator attains, are called “degrees,” since their attainment is arranged one atop the other, like rungs of a ladder.

What is special about the attainment is that we always attain ten Sefirot, the whole of reality. The question is only the resolution, scale, accuracy, depth, and richness of the connections between all parts of reality, but reality is always the same reality.

Therefore, every state in spirituality is called a whole state. We don’t fully understand how there can be a whole state if we are on the first level, the tenth level, or even on the 100th level. After all, it is isn’t the 125th level, and all the more so, not the end of correction and not the world of Ein Sof (Infinity) because only in that world is there wholeness.

No, wholeness is actually in all the states in which we are find ourselves because we always attain the world of Ein Sof. However, with regard to our vessels, it is always revealed as one divided by a certain number and not in its separate parts, but as a whole only to the extent that we understand, perceive, and feel its whole structure with all the discernments within it. It is like a hologram.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/2/15, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Horticultural Wars

Kitchen-Garden WarsOnce, there were world wars and everything revolved around them. Life and death, future and present—in short, everything. I still remember a time—because I grew up in post-war Belarus—when all were imbued with memories of the last war, everything were reminders of the war.  Everything that surrounded us: destroyed buildings, mass graves, woods filled with live shells. Two thirds of my relatives were killed, burned in the death camps… And politicians spoke only about the victory and our post-war development. We thought: more of this will never happen again. It seemed that now the world would seek only peace.

But it was not long that it became clear that we were wrong. It turned out that the world seeks war. Humanity provokes, incites, and successfully brings conflicts. Only the strategy has changed. Instead of one big war, there are many small ones.

If it is possible, not in America, Europe, or Russia,  but somewhere, let’s say, in the “underbelly,” in the Middle East, Asia, or Africa?

“Let them kill each other, but not in my garden.” This is a current-day approach. Just to move the conflicts and their severity as far away as possible. Iraq, Yemen, Syria, and Somalia conflicts are constantly “heated up.” Let them fight, beat, cut each other, but not here. You can even  allow a small nuclear war, but again,  in restricted regional “boundaries.”

Why is this happening? Because there are too many “extra mouths.” No where to put the masses of people, the development of whom no one favors.

The labor of millions of people is replaced by machines, reduced production as the giant does not need anyone. Unemployment reaches 40%. On the street are able-bodied young people who do not know where to … They are extra. Without work, the unit of employment, there is no purpose in life, no future … They are all uncontrollable, neglected, and so—dangerous.

The crisis is growing, and the leaders see the only way to preserve the power: the sacrifice of the “unnecessary.”

So go to war. Who makes the decision to fight?  Small “cabinets”! Theses naïve “grandmasters” believe they govern the history of humanity.

But they don’t control anything. Look: the boomerang returns; Europe has already got into the trap. It is overwhelmed by immigrants from Third World countries. Islam is taking over. Democracy is unable to sustain Islam. Afrrican Americans are awakening America. They, too, are not “lulled” by tales of equality.

What will happen? Why is this “crazy” scenario unfolding? And who exactly is unfolding it?

The answer, as usual,  is simple. And it seems that this time we have to acknowledge our helplessness in front of nature. The laws of nature rule the masses and the notorious “grandmasters” in their small offices. To understand this fact, we need a different logic: the logic of integral and global peace.

We need to understand that the world has changed irrevocably. And the crisis, which is unfolding before us, is not another crisis—it is the birth pangs of an entirely new phase. The system of relations in humanity has jumped to a new level—single, global, interconnected … And we are all trying to control with the old, linear power. And so everything collapses, out of control …

Yes, the world has completed a circle; humanity turned into one whole. In spite of all the wars and conflicts, we are inseparably joined by common economics, cultures. and even geographically since modern technologies made our planet “a small village.” Any disaster effects each one of us. On one hand, we are included in one global system; on the other hand, we resist the global law—and yet, it is useless to resist this global law…

What can be done? We can only study this law and acknowledging that we are interconnected, and being to  move towards each other. There is nothing else we can do. Only then will we realize that rising above contradictions is quite possible. Only then we’ll see that there are no “unnecessary mouths” and that every single person is needed. Only then, we will stop throwing “unnecessary” people into the furnaces of war and begin to study this new system of relationships. To the extent that we even go back to school and study a new type of global, integral communication.

What and how should we study? We’ll talk about it in our future posts.
From My Blog Article on “Echo of Moscow”

Seeing The Future And Changing It

laitman_222_0Question: Does a Kabbalist see the future, and if so, why doesn’t he warn us of the dangers?

Answer: The Kabbalist doesn’t see the future. He only knows how to make the future better. However, this change doesn’t depend on him only, but on everyone.

So, he cannot predict the future because he doesn’t know whether people will change it for the better or for the worse. This depends on the freedom of choice of each and every one.

So, we are turning to the people of Israel and saying that we are ready to change the entire world. It is precisely the people of Israel found in the land of Israel who are prepared to completely change life in their nation for the better and likewise change the entire world situation. We even can change the climate so that there won’t be extremes of heat or cold.

Question: Is it possible even to influence the climate?

Answer: Changing the climate is the easiest of all because it belongs to the inanimate level, which is the first of the four levels of nature: still, vegetative, animate, and speaking.

We can change all of them if we just want to. So, let’s try! Otherwise, we are heading toward an unbearable life that would be intolerable.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 8/16/15

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 10.04.15

Shamati #127, “The Difference Between Kernel, Essence, and Added Abundance”

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Writings of Rabash, “Rungs of the Ladder,” “One’s Greatness Depends on the Measure of One’s Faith in the Future”

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