A Hologram Of The Spiritual Worlds

laitman_214Baal HaSulam, “The Teaching of Kabbalah and Its Essence”: …and what exists in the Higher World necessarily exists in all the worlds below it, since the lower one is imprinted by it. Know that these realities and their conducts, which the seeker of the Creator attains, are called “degrees,” since their attainment is arranged one atop the other, like rungs of a ladder.

What is special about the attainment is that we always attain ten Sefirot, the whole of reality. The question is only the resolution, scale, accuracy, depth, and richness of the connections between all parts of reality, but reality is always the same reality.

Therefore, every state in spirituality is called a whole state. We don’t fully understand how there can be a whole state if we are on the first level, the tenth level, or even on the 100th level. After all, it is isn’t the 125th level, and all the more so, not the end of correction and not the world of Ein Sof (Infinity) because only in that world is there wholeness.

No, wholeness is actually in all the states in which we are find ourselves because we always attain the world of Ein Sof. However, with regard to our vessels, it is always revealed as one divided by a certain number and not in its separate parts, but as a whole only to the extent that we understand, perceive, and feel its whole structure with all the discernments within it. It is like a hologram.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/2/15, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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