The End Of A World Without Borders

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (Wall Street Journal): “This was supposed to be the Era of No Fences. No walls between blocs. No borders between countries. No barriers to trade. Visa-free tourism. The single market. A global Internet. Frictionless transactions and seamless exchanges. …

“We built a fenceless world on the wrong set of assumptions about the future. We wanted a new liberal order—one with a lot of liberalism and not a lot of order. We wanted to be a generous civilization without doing the things required to be a prosperous one. …

“The result is our metastasizing global disorder. It’s only going to get worse. The graciousness that Germans have shown the first wave of refugees is a tribute to the country’s sense of humanity and history. But just as the warm welcome is destined to create an irresistible magnet for future migrants, it is also bound to lead to a backlash among Germans. …

“Suddenly, there’s talk in Europe about using military power to establish safe zones in Syria to contain the exodus of refugees. …

“The alternative is to hasten the return to the era of fences. Openness is a virtue purchased through strength.”

My Comment: An open world can only be between those who are open to one another. It is impossible to bring a person into your home or your country without reeducating him from being an egoist to a friend, and especially not masses of foreigners who refuse to accept the owners’ rules. Europe is nearing the realization that in the global world there is a need for getting closer to one another by the reeducation of both themselves and the immigrants.  The Creator (the general law of nature) will force all of us to bring the new global world to one religion: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

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One Comment

  1. Very, completely true. Unfortunately re-education requires a “desire” to be re-educated. There is a great deal of stubborn resistance to this which defies all logic. Fear, lack of the ability to observe and listen and compromise, unwillingness to share and especially to relinquish control, a refusal to respect even the benefactor, all these are characteristics of our time. It is very hard to see how this will ever change with anything less than divine intervention.

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