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Leading A Human Life

Laitman_931-01Question: What does it mean to connect to other people? What stands in my way of doing so and which force can correct this evil in me?

Answer: According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, our biological bodies will remain corporeal and will continue to exist like all the other animals. But there is another essence in a human being, a human entity, the beginning of a soul. There is a tiny part of that soul in each of us.

This human part in us is our inner world, our psychology, our desires and thoughts, that have nothing to do with our corporeal existence but are above the body. It is our desire to discover what life is, what is the goal of life, and why we came into this world, that is, to respond to all these “childish” questions.

If we begin to distinguish the human parts in us and to connect them with one another, we will put together the system called “first man,” Adam. This interconnected system existed in the past, but then it was shattered into many pieces, which we call the sin of the Tree of Knowledge, and now we have to put it together again.

If we reconstruct this system together and begin to study it, we will understand how it works. When we see the complex web of connections between us, we will understand the plan of creation and its purpose. When we begin to care more about our souls and not about our physical existence, we ascend above our bodies in our feeling, our understanding, and our consciousness. Thus, we build our general soul and feel the new reality, the upper world, the Garden of Eden, in it. This is the goal, and instead of living in a body that belongs to the animate level and lives like an animal, we rise to the level of “first man,” Adam.

If we connect all our human parts, we will feel a human life that is totally different from our previous life. When we lead a human life, we cease to depend on our bodies. The body can die, but the human being will continue to live on a new level.

The goal of our existence is to raise us from the corporeal level to the human level, and this is the difference between this world and the next world.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 8/30/15

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The Russian Economy: Cold And Dark

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News ( “The moment in which people will break convention and begin the struggle for life is still ahead for us! A nation without means (oil at $40 per barrel), state-owned companies that become capitalist and greedy, private business that tries to adapt to the convulsions of a collapsing economy – it is not understood how they would be able to survive!

Even the citizens will change: A year within a recession without any chance of maintaining an income will make them greedy, searching for discounts and clearance sales. This is the ground level in the economic and sociological sense of the word, towards which we are slowly deteriorating. The point at which people break all convention and begin the ground level struggle for life will appear in another year.”

My Comment: This will also begin in the Western nations, not as a result of economic impoverishment, but as a result of a lack of accommodation between the existing socio-economic system and the system of global, human connection that is being revealed. And this will be the turning point in human consciousness towards a paradigm for a new life.

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Becoming A Master Of Your Craft

Dr. Michael LaitmanComment: You have been urging and encouraging your students lately and telling us that we are not doing our best, that we are not working as hard as we could, and that we are not advancing. There is a feeling that we are not compatible with your velocity.

Answer: I would like my students to engage in self-fulfillment more. Self-fulfillment is when you work for the group, which thus ignites and begins to operate thanks to you. There is no other way.

My role is to bring the Kabbalistic group to a state in which people will clearly understand what their problems are, what their role is, how they fulfill themselves, and how they should use the data we receive in the best and most efficient way. All this must be discovered inside them.

They will even become experts before they enter the upper world. They will at least be masters in the levels we are on today, which means that they will become independent.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/6/15

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Forty Years Of Clarifications

Laitman_167Question: Do you have sensations that you did something that was not needed on the spiritual path?

Answer: Certainly! That is found in everyone. Moreover, you suddenly wake up in a terrible sweat and begin to agonize over why it happened this way, why did I do it? You see the “unintentional mistakes,” your failures, and blame them only on yourself. But it is necessary to immediately recognize the fact that all of this was arranged from Above, and now you are being shown that deep inside you, you still have not corrected these states, you still aren’t devoted to the program of creation, you need to move towards this, and that all of this belongs to the Creator, not to you. So all of your mistakes and transgressions are only unintentional; rather, they are only the discovery of one’s own egoism.

Question: What period must pass between these sufferings and the understanding that all of this comes to us from the system of creation?

Answer: There are forty years until the complete correction. What does “forty years” mean? This is a cycle during which you completely transfer all of the mistakes and transgressions to the characteristic of Bina, the characteristic of complete bestowal, and then you understand that all of this is not you and not from you. And all of the correction is in this.

Question: Along with this are there some memories and pain that remain?

Answer: These memories will haunt you hundreds of times and in all kinds of different combinations. That is how it happens according to the entire system of management. You must feel deeply how all of this rises up in you. You rebuke yourself about what you went through, about the harm that you caused someone, about the bad view of others and so forth. And this is repeated over and over again because it is necessary to be uprooted from the source, to rot completely.

Forty years is an ascent to Bina. Only then does the characteristic of bestowal and love, the connection with the Creator, fully dominate you; you are included within the origin of all that is happening and no longer attribute this to yourself. You begin to understand that the Creator teaches you in such a manner.

And here it is not those same people whom you wronged, whom you thought badly about; this is all one system and it is entirely in you. So the feeling of “I” and “them,” “Creator,” and so forth is lost to you. When all of this is connected together in the characteristic of Bina it is then that you are corrected, but not before. So you constantly stumble and encounter these things, and all the time this will be a serious awakening. This is our work, the natural stages of development.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/6/15

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Refugees: What Will Happen To Europe? Part 2

Dr. Michael LaitmanRemolding Individualists

It is not enough to feel a connection with others, not enough to join hands like good children. In addition, I need to feel that we are one, , one heart, one feeling, and one mind, a single thought. We are all one.

From this there is nowhere to run, and in this oneness I disappear, I dissolve. We become a united “mass,” and I have no more concern for anything personal. Clothes, shoes, housing, bed, food—none of this is mine. There is nothing of my own. And only then, after a radical internal upheaval, will I feel good and become free.

In other words, I need to rework and reformat my egoism.

This does not mean that we will actually have to live in some semblance of an ultra-communist commune. But nature is pressing on us through our unrealized corrections, through our unopened heart, and the “round world” that has not entered our sensations.

And in particular it is pressing on Europeans, who are individualists to the bone. For them, it is “my house – my fortress.” And yet, there is nowhere to hide, everything is coming to this, not only in Europe, but on a global scale. Every person and every nation will get their due measure and form in order to want to get rid of their egoism.

It will become clear that otherwise we simply will not survive. And then we will set out on a search: How do we get out of this trouble? How can we change ourselves, break ourselves down? How can we grind down our nature to a pulp?

Otherwise, the situation is unbearable. Better death than such life, since all those around you are “breaking the backbone” of my egoism; they put pressure on my individualistic sense of awareness, and it is impossible to endure. I do not know what to do anymore: to do away with them or do away with myself.

But nature will not allow this. After all, its goal, its program, is in order for us to take care of ourselves and correct ourselves. Nothing is going to help here: not marijuana, not sedatives, nor antidepressants…

Every person will undergo major changes and we will nevertheless have to “remold” ourselves from egoists to altruists. In such a way, we will feel everyone like one family.

And in a family I could sleep in a bed with my baby or give the entire bed to my children and lay down somewhere nearby.

This should be the basic approach. And we will be looking for a solution: How can we change our nature so we can see a beloved child in every person?

There is no other way. And people will realize this.

To be continued…
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 8/27/15

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