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Dr. Michael LaitmanEvery day for the past 20 years I have given classes. Every week, I speak a minimum of ten hours recording television programs, giving short talks during meals, and managing a blog.

All of this is very dear to me because, with these materials, the revelation of the method that has come from Adam, Abraham, Moses, Rabbi Shimon, the Ari, Baal HaSulam, and Rabash continues. I am trying to explain and formulate it so that we can adapt it to this world and apply it properly to solve global problems.

In this matter, my students help me very much. They annoy me from the two sides (both from the right line and from the left line) without letting me fly upward, and they constantly demand, “Feed us porridge; we don’t want anything more.” In other words, you oblige me to be involved quite seriously with revealing this method on the basic level. I want to take off, while you grab me by the legs like chicks that hold onto their mother and don’t let her fly, and this is good because we are processing, chewing, that part of the wisdom of Kabbalah that talks about our world and about its departure to the first level.

I will not be able to explain the first spiritual level if we don’t go out to it with a particular mass. Only then will it be possible to explain it in a much more expanded and practical form than what the previous Kabbalists expressed in their writings, for they didn’t have the possibility to descend as low as we have. They didn’t begin from this level. Rather, they ascended upward immediately like a rocket, whereas we are like a crop-duster, ascending with difficulty, and descending and rising, descending and rising, all the time, until finally taking off.

Therefore, those materials that we are accumulating are very important. It is necessary to clean them up, correct and disseminate them, and people will use them, even though it is difficult to believe this in the meantime. However, a path that is difficult still awaits humanity. In what will it be involved in a few more years? In nothing! People will simply sit half asleep and look at a screen. It is not important if they will look at us with one eye open or listen with half an ear. This still will work on them. This will penetrate into them, and so gradually, all that we have accumulated will enter into humanity.

Certainly, after us, there will be others who can explain our method better and inspire people. However, in any case, we must prepare it. Therefore, the processing of the material and its presentation in our archives and the proper archiving is very important work!
From the Talk about Group and Dissemination 10/22/13

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