Leading A Human Life

Laitman_931-01Question: What does it mean to connect to other people? What stands in my way of doing so and which force can correct this evil in me?

Answer: According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, our biological bodies will remain corporeal and will continue to exist like all the other animals. But there is another essence in a human being, a human entity, the beginning of a soul. There is a tiny part of that soul in each of us.

This human part in us is our inner world, our psychology, our desires and thoughts, that have nothing to do with our corporeal existence but are above the body. It is our desire to discover what life is, what is the goal of life, and why we came into this world, that is, to respond to all these “childish” questions.

If we begin to distinguish the human parts in us and to connect them with one another, we will put together the system called “first man,” Adam. This interconnected system existed in the past, but then it was shattered into many pieces, which we call the sin of the Tree of Knowledge, and now we have to put it together again.

If we reconstruct this system together and begin to study it, we will understand how it works. When we see the complex web of connections between us, we will understand the plan of creation and its purpose. When we begin to care more about our souls and not about our physical existence, we ascend above our bodies in our feeling, our understanding, and our consciousness. Thus, we build our general soul and feel the new reality, the upper world, the Garden of Eden, in it. This is the goal, and instead of living in a body that belongs to the animate level and lives like an animal, we rise to the level of “first man,” Adam.

If we connect all our human parts, we will feel a human life that is totally different from our previous life. When we lead a human life, we cease to depend on our bodies. The body can die, but the human being will continue to live on a new level.

The goal of our existence is to raise us from the corporeal level to the human level, and this is the difference between this world and the next world.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 8/30/15

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