The Russian Economy: Cold And Dark

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News ( “The moment in which people will break convention and begin the struggle for life is still ahead for us! A nation without means (oil at $40 per barrel), state-owned companies that become capitalist and greedy, private business that tries to adapt to the convulsions of a collapsing economy – it is not understood how they would be able to survive!

Even the citizens will change: A year within a recession without any chance of maintaining an income will make them greedy, searching for discounts and clearance sales. This is the ground level in the economic and sociological sense of the word, towards which we are slowly deteriorating. The point at which people break all convention and begin the ground level struggle for life will appear in another year.”

My Comment: This will also begin in the Western nations, not as a result of economic impoverishment, but as a result of a lack of accommodation between the existing socio-economic system and the system of global, human connection that is being revealed. And this will be the turning point in human consciousness towards a paradigm for a new life.

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