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The Good Ones Are Sowing Seeds Of Good Relations

laitman_568_01Question: The new movement HaTovim (The Good Ones) is aimed at restoring the mutual guarantee between us. How can we keep the right intentions when helping one another, so that our actions will really be with the intention of in order to bestow?

Answer: We want to come to the public and sow the seeds of good mutual relations so people will begin to feel it in their relations with others, between drivers on the road, standing in line in the supermarket, anywhere. I want to feel that everywhere I meet Israelis, I am among brothers who smile and wish each other good.

HaTovim set such an example that will spread, become known, and lead to positive outcomes. It will be greatly beneficial to our nation [Israel]. All the terrorist attacks will cease and we will prosper. Everything will work out: the economy, relations between people and between parents and children, our health, and every aspect of life. Even Knesset members from different political parties will become best friends and feel they depend on one another. We want to set an example by this initiative of The Good Ones Ha Tovim) and we are sure that our nation can do it in a much better way, but someone simply has to start.

Question: We hope that many people will join us because we need volunteers to guard kindergartens. You can call 1-700-509-209 in Israel and offer your help, or you can ask for help. How will participating in such activities help a person’s spiritual advancement?

Answer: Participating in such activities helps a person’s spiritual advancement because a person joins a spiritual action. Bringing the nation of Israel love and good relations means spiritual advancement.

This is spiritual because this is how a person begins to feel the inner system of the connections between us that used to be active. Now we have to revive it after thousands of years of exile and we will suddenly feel life in these connections, which is called the next world, the spiritual world, about which we have heard so much.

The spiritual world is what we reveal in the network of good connections of love between us. Every person who has taken part in this initiative will feel how he ascends and how his life changes, as if a pillow created by our mutual guarantee has been put under him. Our good future depends only on the good relations and the connection between us.

Let’s hope that The Good Ones will bring us closer to such good relations and to the good future. Everyone has an opportunity to participate because it is not only protecting kindergartens, where we are currently focused, but it includes any act of mutual assistance.

That’s all we have to do. If we all begin to treat each other nicely, we will find our good future in it and be saved of all our troubles.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/15/15, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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On The Threshold Of A Third Intifada – Part 8 “The Steering Wheel Is In Our Hands”

laitman_941If a person studies the wisdom of Kabbalah about the structure of the general system, about the laws of its operation, about the system of higher management, and the connection of the people of Israel and all the rest of the peoples, he begins to understand what we have undergone throughout history.

He sees proof and confirmation in the events that have happened in the past and are happening today.

He seemingly receives into his hands the steering wheel of the management of the world, and in truth, this steering wheel is now also in the hands of the people of Israel, but we aren’t turning the wheel correctly and aren’t properly managing this wagon in which all of humanity is sitting. So, we cannot expect others to relate to us well, but if we learn how to turn and control this steering wheel correctly, immediately we would see how this attitude would improve.

We can cite the example of our Kabbalistic groups in 107 countries throughout the world with different peoples and the fact that the explanation about the role and mission of the people of Israel has been wonderfully understood everywhere.

Last year, the world Kabbalah for the People convention was held at the exhibition grounds in Tel Aviv, as it is every year. One of the students from Germany appeared on stage and said that he was very excited about having the opportunity to be in such a society in Israel.

This is because, through studying the wisdom of Kabbalah and the laws of the functioning of the overall system, he had discovered an understanding of the importance and the enormous value of the unique role of the people of Israel.

This was such a strong showing that many in the hall were moved to tears. It is possible to bring another example about a young Muslim youth who came from France to the convention that was held not long ago in Romania, searching for connection and unity.

The nations of the world understand this immediately. It follows from the laws of nature, and not that someone is good and someone else is bad.

The moment we begin to turn to the world through the system of unity, we obligate a positive response from it.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 10/11/15

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The Situation In Israel: From Ancient Babylon To Present Day

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Last weekend was relatively quiet, we thought that it was about to end, and here on Sunday we came back with a terrorist at the central bus station in Beer Sheva. When will all of this end?

Answer: The situation will not improve and will even become worse. The problem is that the cause for all these events has not been resolved. A few days ago Ynet  published my article, “Who’s Behind The Situation in Israel?” in which I again explained how we can deal with this situation, rise above all the events, begin to calm the situation, and gain control over it.

The reason for everything that is happening is still the same: the lack of connection and unity among us influences the stability of all parts of nature. The wisdom of Kabbalah explains that we affect all of nature; whether it is a tsunami, a volcanic eruption, or a hurricane, we are forming all of this volatility.

After all, only through our unity can we have an influence over all the levels of nature —still, vegetative, animate and human—encouraging people to unite themselves and to connect through mutual participation and concern for one another. And the people of Israel provide all of this.

Many articles and books have been written about this. And this is what I have tried to explain in my article with sayings by Rabbi Abraham Issac HaCohen Kook, Baal HaSulam, quotations from the Babylonian Talmud and other sources that are familiar to all the people of Israel in all generations. They all speak unanimously that it is only unity between us that will bring goodness to all of the people of Israel, and the lack of unity invokes all evil.

Question: What is the connection between unity among the people of Israel and goodness or evil all over the world?

Answer: In the sources, it is written that the moment problems, unrest, riots, and conflicts appeared in ancient Babylon, Abraham began to think: “What has happened to these people who were relatively peaceful until now?” From a desire to understand what was happening in human nature and the world, he discovered that there is only one reason for everything— our ego, which was growing in each person and in everyone all together. It is possible to calm all problems down only through connection and unity above the ego.

The ego is constantly growing, keeping us apart and creating more and more tension between us. This is a law and it is impossible to stop it.

We see that this is truly so, and throughout the history of humanity, for thousands of years, our ego has been growing more and more; people have become more and more distant from each other, even though we became much smarter, more understanding and sensitive, and have developed our lives through technology, commerce, and industry. But at the same time, we have become worse and worse in our nature.

The solution to all problems is only the creation of good and wonderful connections between people. Abraham started this, and as Maimonides wrote, a multitude of people joined him and from whom he created a group that would specifically be involved with connection and union between them.

This group became the people of Israel, a people founded on an ideological principle and born from a social agreement of many people who were strangers to each other. So we now feel ourselves to be relatively alien and divided from each other as long as we don’t work on unity between us.

Abraham determined that if we began to connect with each other, we would influence all the rest of the Babylonians. But they didn’t succeed in this because Nimrod, the King of Babylon, was against it. He thought that the inhabitants of Babylon should disperse and settle all over the face of the Earth to calm down the unrest, but this problem still exists today. However, the wisdom, the method that our father Abraham discovered of how to calm humanity down, still exists and is called the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 10/18/15

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How Can We Change The Situation In Israel: Guerrilla Warfare

Dr. Michael LaitmanComment: Throughout the history of the Jewish people, there have been continuous wars, terrorist attacks, etc. These events don’t complement one another and accumulate, but are constantly moving in different directions. Operation Protective Edge ended not too long ago and suddenly we are faced with individual terrorist attacks, which is a much more serious problem. You don’t know where to run to because they come unexpectedly.

Answer: We are facing what is often called guerrilla warfare, which is much worse than ordinary war, because you are weaker against it. You cannot fight against it with a regular army and the police too are powerless. Although they try to be everywhere, it is impossible to foresee where an individual terrorist will show up with a knife, a hammer, an ax, or stones in his pocket.

The terrorists main aim is to spread fear and thus assert power over us. This is a clearly verified ideology that includes careful preparation of young people who can be easily lured into an ideological trap and quickly sent to carry out their mission. What is more, these are not single, anarchistic individuals but young people who carry out the plan of ISIS.

ISIS is a very strong and serious ideological movement with billions of dollars. They have a huge army, a lot of armed soldiers equipped with all kinds of weapons.

They have teams of computer experts, ideologists, economists, and lawyers. The fact that this organization has no state structure is working to their advantage.

The supranational structure, which today, like cancer, is seeping into many countries of the world. We can see how it is gradually penetrating Europe and is beginning to quietly and indirectly express seemingly innocent demands: “Give us food, an allowance, a place where we can pray.” Their main objective is to increase the number of refugees among the local population. The moment their number grows to more than 10% of the population, they will begin to demand that the whole country obey them, and if not, they will use force.

But these are all invasive actions and are the reason that they are so feared, like in Russia for example. It is because the unique psychology of the Russian people will be attracted to it, especially where there are vast areas like Tatarstan, Chechnya and others that are very influential and penetrate every sector of society.

I think this compelled the Russians intervene in the situation in Syria. Not so much as their desire to occupy their bases to confront the Americans, but from the fear is that this ideology will begin to sprout in Russia.

But there will certainly be problems here in Israel as a result of Russia’s involvement in Iraq and Syria because the immigrants are already starting to flow from there. Russia will force them to spread worldwide, thus bringing them closer to our borders. What is happening on our streets now is a result of this political process.

If we look at the more internal layers, the root where the problem stems from, we will delve into the fine and delicate structures of the world that tell us why humans are controlled by nature to such a great extent, why we are in such psychological and ideological conflicts, and why this is the way we solve our problems. It is our job to find this out.
From KabTV’s “The Current Emergency Situation In Israel” 10/14/15

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The Coming Redivision In The Middle East

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News ( “The Islamic state [ISIS] is a threat to Saudi Arabia. ISIS has already established a state within certain borders. It says that after the ascent of Jerusalem there will be the fall of the hawk. The hawk is Medina (the Muslim city).

“The ‘Islamic state’ is aspiring to hasten the coming of the day of judgment. One of the goals the Islamic state has declared is the conquering of Mecca and Medina and the destruction of the idols, which means the black stone.

“The leaders of Saudi Arabia recognize the impending threat. A direct clash with ISIS would lead to many negative outcomes for the Sunni states in the Middle East. The reporting of many Western media channels about the actions of Russia is a classic example of double standard and a propaganda war.

“There is a counter attack, not against Assad personally, but against Assad as the Shi’ite Iranian representative in the Middle East, because Iran and Hezbollah are building a Shi’ite belt through Syria. This is a threat to the Sunni hegemony of  Saudi Arabia in the region.”

My Comment: All over the world is a common march on Jerusalem. …

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On The Threshold Of A Third Intifada – Part 7 “Cybernetic Wars With Terrorists”

laitman_571_08When a person studies the wisdom of Kabbalah, he learns about the structure of the overall system of the world, about the network that connects all of us and in what form we can influence it, what are our most effective actions in relation to it and how the people of Israel can awaken a positive response toward itself from the peoples of the world, and so forth.

This is purely a technical matter that depends only on the connection and unity between us. Through it, we influence the overall system positively, and this includes the terrorists.

Question: Is this somewhat like a cybernetic war where we penetrate into the depths of the system and insert calming viruses into the heads of the terrorists?

Answer: Right, and now this dependence has become revealed clearly. This structure is permanent and runs all the time. However, today, we are entering a new period where this network is revealed directly within matter, and we suddenly discover that all of us are connected.

So, the people of the world are forcefully beginning to insist that the people of Israel carry out their role.

Question: What else do they want from us? Arabs come at us with knives while, under fire, the Israeli army helps the needy in their territories during military operations, and after that all of Europe blames us. In what way are we to blame?

Answer: We are to blame for only one thing: We aren’t bringing the method of connection and unity to the world. Everything else is not considered. It is as if we haven’t done anything. We can give the world every pleasure and every good. It is known that Israel is a highly technological nation, and the Jews are bringing more scientific discoveries and inventions to the world than any other people.

But no one considers this because we must give the world something else. The world is waiting for the method of connection and unity from us. It cannot exist without that, and all of this is in our hands. They hate us only because of this.

The terrorists who come at us with knives are managed by the same forces of nature that we haven’t counterbalanced from bad to good. There is no choice. We must convey the method of connection and unity to the world. Terrorism will continue as long as we haven’t done this.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 10/11/15

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 10.25.15

Preparation for the Lesson

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