On The Threshold Of A Third Intifada – Part 6 “Tunnels Under The Whole World”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If the third intifada arises, does this indicate that there are bad relationships among the Jewish people?

Answer: Our relationships with each other remain bad and tension is accumulating all the time until it overflows its banks and hits us. After that it again begins to accumulate until the next time, until it again overflows its banks. How long can this go on?

The Kabbalists say that it will only be for a limited time, and after that we will need to leave this country if we haven’t adapted to it. In the land of Israel we must live like the people of Israel, meaning with love and unity. The moment that we become closer to each other, we will immediately see changes in the world and in the air itself. Even the sun will begin to shine in a special way, the birds will sing, and everyone will begin to relate to us with love, for this is relevant to the entire system of nature. We won’t feel any negative influences, even in the nature of the still, as the rain, wind and sun will only be pleasant and gentle.

Question: Suppose that I now begin to create relationships with my closest neighbors who are Jews like me. How do people in an Arab village who are preparing for the next attack know about this?

Answer: It’s very simple. After all, we are  in a single system in which all of its parts are mutually connected. You are at the peak of the system, so you are carrying out the key function. And everyone is pointing at you because you are not meeting your obligations and are harming everyone with this. If you act correctly, meaning that you unite, then everything will be okay. It is enough for connection and unity between two Jews for the whole world to calm down.

Question: But how will they know about this in the Arab village?

Answer: They don’t need to know about it since they will be influenced by the system, the structure that connects us inside and makes us dependent on each other. It is like a root system that is deep underground connecting all the plants. And an identical root system exists that connects all people.

Question: Does it connect us now with the terrorists?

Answer: It connects us with all of humanity. This is what the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us. It explains how the world works and how it is up to us to integrate into this system to manage it. All troubles occur in order to require us to manage the world correctly.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 10/11/15

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