What Do People Need God For?

Laitman_182_02Opinion (Freud):“At the foundation of all human deeds two motivations (instincts) are found, aggression and sex. Altruism, friendship, love, these are only utilitarian alternatives. A person is ready to love and be gentle, but his underlying motivation is always egoistic. …

“For our ancestors there were ritual objects or animals, sacred animals for each tribe. A totem is considered to be the primal ancestor of the tribe, the protector of the tribe. The members of the tribe call each other ‘brothers and sisters.’ It was forbidden for an individual to kill a sacred (totem) animal and eat its meat, the punishment for this was death. But killing and eating together is grace to the tribe; it creates a bond between them and God. With this they acquire the power of the loved animal. Later, through myths, religions gradually moved from animals who were considered gods, to people who were considered to be gods (a Centaur, a Sphinx). So also representatives of the cultural world sinned against each other, not asking for forgiveness from each other, but from God. Faiths moved to: Saying only good things about the dead, eating the ‘body’ of the crucified Jesus and drinking his ‘blood.’ …

“And so there are three systems of viewing the world:

  1. The ancient anti-mystical stage, among savages—through animals a person attributes to himself unlimited power at the time he carries out the ritual, eating the sacrifice.
  2. The religious stage—to understand the world and to calm fears, fear of the evil eye, going to soothsayers, transforming a staff into a magic wand, calling upon magic for help, something that typifies children and adults who have not matured, the person renounces the world for the benefit of the gods. But he manages the world with the help of gods, prays, lights a candle and contributes to the building of a temple and the like.
  3. The last system of worldview, the scientific, is appropriate for a mature society. There is no place for God; the person gives respect to forces and the laws of nature, thus understanding that he can only learn, explore and adapt to them.”

My Comment: Kabbalah is to open the eyes of everyone to a true (realistic) worldview: that our world is only the lowest level of the real attainment of absolute and eternal existence!

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  1. So when you talk about unity you are excluding all these people and still can understand what ‘our world’ as lowest level is for everyone when compared with upper or higher ones. How did you get there if you are not connected with them if you connected to them and got to higher why do you say it is the lowest?

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