Why People Become Disappointed In Religions

laitman_627_2Question: Why in our time do people become disillusioned with religions?

Answer: A person discovers that no religion can give him fulfillment. After all, all religions appeared due to the fact that the nation of Israel fell from the height of love of others into the unfounded hatred, having lost connection with the upper force of nature.

In response to the darkness, humanity developed religions: Judaism first, then Christianity, and then Islam. These religions did not occur by chance, but each has its own root. Christianity belongs to the left line, Islam – to the right line, and Judaism – to the middle line.

That is how they relate to the spiritual roots because everything in our material world stems from spiritual roots. It is written: “No blade of grass grows until its [guiding] angel above strikes it and says: ‘Grow!’” Therefore, all the phenomena of the world stem from the upper world, and there is nothing new in our world.

Religion is designed to give a person some image of the upper force when he is not aware of it and does not understand it. It helps a person to examine his nature.

Religions have given impetus to the development of philosophy and science. First science was developed by religious people, and only in a few hundred years was it separated from religion and became accessible to everyone.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 5/7/15

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  1. The only way to get away from religion is to find out what the Kabbalah is all about. It’s so simple the concepts of how this universe works and how to apply this to ones life. These truths are the metaphysical building blocks of ones life in this physical world. Kabbalah is my foundation. Kabbalah is my life.

    Good article!

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