Does God Exist?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If the wisdom of Kabbalah is a science and not a religion, does that mean that you negate the existence of God?

Answer: I negate the existence of God in the sense that a religious person perceives Him as someone who exists as a corporeal figure.

God is the general attribute of love and bestowal that sustains the whole universe and all the worlds. It is the positive force (which the wisdom of Kabbalah calls Light) that created matter and develops this matter to resemble Him. This force is called God, or the Creator or the Upper, simply because He is higher than all the other forces.

Our mutual relations with that force are not based on the human principle that implies that God can feel sorry for, forgive, or punish us. We are dealing with a system of providence that perceives our actions and responds accordingly without any regret, mercy, etc.

It isn’t the God that religious people refer to when they cry and beg Him to be merciful and forgiving. We see that throughout history, our cries and our begging are useless because this isn’t what the system called the Creator demands of us.

The meaning of the word “God”- “Elokim” in Gematria (numerology) is equal in value to the word “natureTeva,” since nature and God are the same thing.
From KabTV’s “A Special Opinion” 8/17/14

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  1. Rav could you please clarify and show the math used that makes nature and God equal in gematria.

    The little I understand of gematria there are different methods used in. So what are the exact words/letters in Hebrew that you are using and the method of gematria.

    You tell your listeners not to believe just for the sake of believing.

    Rav Moshe Luzzato also tells us that “…Thus we must know, and not only believe, but matters should make sense.” The Book of Moses’ War page 349

    This may just be an intellectual understand by you sharing the math but at least it will make sense. 🙂

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