Feeling Love And Not Oneself

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: One of the verses of “The Song of Songs” contains these words: “I am sick of love.” Who is this woman talking about, herself?

Answer: If I relate to nature, to the entire reality with love, I start feeling from it warmth and a loving attitude. It embraces, caresses, protects, and surrounds me with pleasant, good waves that constantly support me.

In this way I talk not from the side of “man,” i.e., an attitude toward nature with love, but from the side of “woman,” receiving the attitude in response. Ultimately, we are talking about a person who feels himself giving and receiving.

He who fills is called a man. He who receives from the other in response is called a woman. It turns out that being in good relations to the world is called a man, and in receiving waves of warmth and love from the world is called a woman.

Question: It doesn’t matter whether I am a man or a woman?

Answer: Of course. We are talking about a person who corrected the evil inclination in himself and acquired the good inclination through group work and integral education.

Now, he is feeling bestowal and reception in relation to the whole of nature and to the entire humanity. This feeling brings him a sense of perfection and raises him above all the disadvantages so that the concepts of time, space, and motion disappear.

Question: What is “I am sick with love?”

Answer: A new sensation captures and fills him to such an extent that he does not feel himself. He feels love that fills him, but not himself receiving this love. He rises to the feeling of general nature, exits himself and he does not exist and is not present.

There is only a feeling of universal love. That is the point of his unity, adhesion, and higher connection with nature, with the Creator. The weakness lies in the fact that love rules.

Question: Why is it a disease?

Answer: When something comes from outside, fills me, and dominates me, this foreign power is called a disease. This is the expression of love that comes and fills me completely.

Question: But it is good to be sick with love?

Answer: True. Only it should be emphasized that there are no boundaries. You are under this foreign power on your own accord and due to the constant work that you perform with great efforts. You have reached this state, but as a result, you are in the power of love.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 5/28/14

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