If Young People Only Knew

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur world is divided into four categories: the still, vegetative, animate, and human levels, not in material form, but in the spiritual realm. After all, what makes us different from animals? It is our inner essence, our internal development. However physiologically, we belong to the same animal world.

We need to get beyond the concepts of time, motion, and space that are inherent to the first three levels, the still, vegetative, animate, and live on the level of man. We do not comprehend this level as yet, but it is waiting for us.

Question: Looking at the past, at the end of their life, the elderly regret the time wasted in the futile race for material enjoyment. They begin to feel that the force that fills the world is the power of bestowal and love, and regret that they worked too hard and did not give enough time for children, family, and friends.

What do old people feel looking back and what is not disclosed to young people who still have their whole lives in front of them? What kind of practical wisdom do mature people acquire and therefore regret for time lost and which young people do not know about at the beginning of their lives?

Answer: Elders and young ones have a difference in the means of enjoyment and sources of pleasure. Young people think that the sources of pleasure are food, sex, family, money, honor, and knowledge, and everyone wants to achieve them. And the older people already understand that there is no real fulfillment in all of this.

There is a material fulfillment by food, sex, family, wealth, fame, knowledge, but the real fulfillment is only in good communication between people, in love and sincere relationships. They regret that they have not invested enough in order to achieve such an interconnection, and to enjoy it and delight others by it.

Therefore, integral education should provide people, not only with knowledge of this, but also with the proof, because young people do not want to listen. For them, their whole life now is to get as much enjoyment from those things programmed internally, such as food, sex, family, money, honor, and knowledge. In actuality, true pleasure does not depend on time and is not limited by space, but rather it depends on sincere relationships between people and love for others.

One feels a genuine fulfillment only when connected to other people, and the connection between them starts to reveal a sincere relationship and mutual bestowal.

Then they reveal a sense of eternal life in this context, and this is related to the level of man, which is above the animal level. This step is not in our world and we need to recognize it, build it, form it, and dwell therein. After all, it is not connected with our body, but is connected to a new awareness, a new matrix of perception.

Question: What do you advise a young man who wants to manage his time? What is the best thing he should do in life?

Answer: Take care of all necessities in material life and then dedicate the rest of the time towards the implementation of the spiritual level, the level of Man (Adam), which is bestowal and love.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/22/14

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