A Person Who Is Loved Is Always Beautiful!

Laitman_201_01Question: The holy books often refer to the beauty of a woman, whether to her appearance, her character, her motherhood, etc. But there is no detailed description of a woman’s perfection like in the “Song of Songs.” What does King Solomon want to teach us?

Answer: He wants to say that our reality: the still, vegetative, animate, and human nature is beautiful, good, and perfect and it is only my personal correction which determines whether I will be able to relate to it with absolute love.

It is about our attitude towards nature as a whole and the correction of man: to what extent I have completed and covered my evil inclination with this love. Then I see that there is no flaw in reality and that it is all like a beautiful woman.

We have no other words to express love, including the right kind of love. It is because we understand loving someone only as using that person. It is the kind of love in which I am willing to give and to fill to the extent that I receive pleasure.

Here on the other hand, it is an opposite love: I give and fill another person because I want to do good to him or her. But I need the evil inclination in order to test my attitude towards that person: Do I operate above hate, detachment, and repulsion?

Can I do that? This is how I check whether it is true and real love that stems from the good inclination and not an egoistic love that stems from the evil inclination. This type of love is called independent love. What is it independent of? Of receiving, since it is based on bestowal. Where does the name of the book the “Song of Songs” stem from? In an ordinary song we usually speak about pleasure: “I love you and I want to enjoy you.” In the “Song of Songs.” on the other hand, it means that I want to do good to others.

Question: We see that there are reference to beauty throughout this book. What is expressed by the concept of beauty? Why does the world seem beautiful to a person in love?

Answer: This is called “love will cover all sins.” Have you ever seen how a mother picks up her baby and shows you: “Look how beautiful he is!” She is proud of him and that is perfectly natural. A person who is loved is always beautiful, and therefore we have no standard for beauty.

If I want to fill the other and I enjoy this desire, the more he lacks, the more I can fill and complete him, the more I love him as a result of my concern, and the more beautiful he is in my eyes. Then everything about him becomes beautiful. Parents of adopted children love them no less and sometimes even more than their own biological kids. They try to give them more in order to attain their love, to fill them more, and thus they love them even more.

It says: “love will cover all sins.” Love cannot appear unless there is a dispute that precedes it. There has to be a feeling of detachment, conflict, resistance, and above that there is connection, embrace and love. Then the beauty appears as a result: A person who is loved seems beautiful just like a baby is in his mother’s eyes.

Question: King Solomon says: “One is my dove, my precious.” What is the meaning of the expression “one?”

Answer: There is nothing but that. It is one creation, one perfect system. It is actually thanks to the completion of all the positive and negative attributes existing together that the beauty appears. Beauty is wholeness. The wholeness appears when I see that good and bad things complement one another and cannot exist independently. Goodness cannot exist without evil and evil is the basis for the revelation of goodness.

Now we discover only the evil in this woman, which means in all of creation, since we look at things only from our evil inclination and cannot see anything good. But this is an essential phase since until the “Song of Songs,” a person has to discover all the flaws, all the sins, and only then can he reveal love on top of that.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 5/28/14

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