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Program Of Life, Part 2

laitman_742_03End of Unconscious Development

Question: What is the difference between unconscious and conscious development?

Answer: All this time we have advanced unconsciously, under the negative pressure that pushes us from behind. Nature forced us to advance, pushed us in the back by sending afflictions, unsatisfied desires, and a constant sensation of deficiency.

For a long time now, we have lost hope to see good things in the future; however, the pressure from behind is so huge that it forces us to move ahead. When we look forward and behind, we see only minuses and know beforehand that tomorrow won’t bring us any good. But we hope that tomorrow there will be less sufferings than today. That is already a good thing for us.

This is the tendency of the current developmental stage. We understand that the world degrades and sinks lower and lower, thus losing its prior values. There is nothing ahead of us that might cheer us up, and yet, we move forward because our current situation is unbearable.

It is an insignificant and negative form of development, leading to a further deterioration. Just look at the problems arising in Europe, the Far and Middle East, North and South America, Russia, anywhere in the world.

There is no country where it would be possible to hide from problems. Rest assured that there won’t be a single quiet place on the face of earth soon. Tranquility and peace won’t be available even in the most remote island in the ocean.

It is clear that we are moving in the direction of evil. This explains why the modern generation doesn’t want to have a family and children. We are still at the beginning of this process, but the tendency is already obvious. Anything that happens to us is meant to force us to acknowledge that we must do something about it.

Kabbalah teaches us that if we refuse pursuing the goal of the creation voluntarily, by a good path, we will ll have to advance under duress, as we do now.

The goal that nature set for us is beyond this universe, above our nature. Humanity must develop unlimitedly, beyond the boundaries of time and space. Our current form of existence on the face of Earth is temporary and very limited form.

After a certain stage of development, our properties will be changed. Our organs of perception through which we perceive this material world will be altered. Due to new qualities, we’ll see a different picture of life: an endless world and ourselves in it who have unlimited opportunities, either in time or space.

In order to transition from today’s material picture to a new, unlimited state, we need to undergo cardinal internal changes.

To be continued…
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 9/8/15

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How Can We Overcome Depression?

laitman_570Question: We watched your video where you talk about depression with interest. You say that to overcome depression one has to find a sublime goal, to want to see the Light, to ascend above materialism, etc.

My wife has been suffering from depression for three years now, often crying, feeling despondency, grief, sorrow, and pain. What should we do?

Answer: Let her watch our other videos that speak about the meaning of life and about our existence. If possible, bring her to one of our conventions.

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On The Threshold Of A Third Intifada – Part 6 “Tunnels Under The Whole World”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If the third intifada arises, does this indicate that there are bad relationships among the Jewish people?

Answer: Our relationships with each other remain bad and tension is accumulating all the time until it overflows its banks and hits us. After that it again begins to accumulate until the next time, until it again overflows its banks. How long can this go on?

The Kabbalists say that it will only be for a limited time, and after that we will need to leave this country if we haven’t adapted to it. In the land of Israel we must live like the people of Israel, meaning with love and unity. The moment that we become closer to each other, we will immediately see changes in the world and in the air itself. Even the sun will begin to shine in a special way, the birds will sing, and everyone will begin to relate to us with love, for this is relevant to the entire system of nature. We won’t feel any negative influences, even in the nature of the still, as the rain, wind and sun will only be pleasant and gentle.

Question: Suppose that I now begin to create relationships with my closest neighbors who are Jews like me. How do people in an Arab village who are preparing for the next attack know about this?

Answer: It’s very simple. After all, we are  in a single system in which all of its parts are mutually connected. You are at the peak of the system, so you are carrying out the key function. And everyone is pointing at you because you are not meeting your obligations and are harming everyone with this. If you act correctly, meaning that you unite, then everything will be okay. It is enough for connection and unity between two Jews for the whole world to calm down.

Question: But how will they know about this in the Arab village?

Answer: They don’t need to know about it since they will be influenced by the system, the structure that connects us inside and makes us dependent on each other. It is like a root system that is deep underground connecting all the plants. And an identical root system exists that connects all people.

Question: Does it connect us now with the terrorists?

Answer: It connects us with all of humanity. This is what the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us. It explains how the world works and how it is up to us to integrate into this system to manage it. All troubles occur in order to require us to manage the world correctly.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 10/11/15

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What Do People Need God For?

Laitman_182_02Opinion (Freud):“At the foundation of all human deeds two motivations (instincts) are found, aggression and sex. Altruism, friendship, love, these are only utilitarian alternatives. A person is ready to love and be gentle, but his underlying motivation is always egoistic. …

“For our ancestors there were ritual objects or animals, sacred animals for each tribe. A totem is considered to be the primal ancestor of the tribe, the protector of the tribe. The members of the tribe call each other ‘brothers and sisters.’ It was forbidden for an individual to kill a sacred (totem) animal and eat its meat, the punishment for this was death. But killing and eating together is grace to the tribe; it creates a bond between them and God. With this they acquire the power of the loved animal. Later, through myths, religions gradually moved from animals who were considered gods, to people who were considered to be gods (a Centaur, a Sphinx). So also representatives of the cultural world sinned against each other, not asking for forgiveness from each other, but from God. Faiths moved to: Saying only good things about the dead, eating the ‘body’ of the crucified Jesus and drinking his ‘blood.’ …

“And so there are three systems of viewing the world:

  1. The ancient anti-mystical stage, among savages—through animals a person attributes to himself unlimited power at the time he carries out the ritual, eating the sacrifice.
  2. The religious stage—to understand the world and to calm fears, fear of the evil eye, going to soothsayers, transforming a staff into a magic wand, calling upon magic for help, something that typifies children and adults who have not matured, the person renounces the world for the benefit of the gods. But he manages the world with the help of gods, prays, lights a candle and contributes to the building of a temple and the like.
  3. The last system of worldview, the scientific, is appropriate for a mature society. There is no place for God; the person gives respect to forces and the laws of nature, thus understanding that he can only learn, explore and adapt to them.”

My Comment: Kabbalah is to open the eyes of everyone to a true (realistic) worldview: that our world is only the lowest level of the real attainment of absolute and eternal existence!

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Program Of Life, Part 1

laitman_760_2What Direction Do We Advance in?

Question: Why do we live and what is the purpose of our development?

Answer: First of all, it’s not up to us; as it is written, “One is born, lives and dies not out of one’s own choice.”

We don’t know what will happen to us the next moment and this is a blessing. Human beings are born and live not of their choice. Each moment we struggle to survive in this world in the circumstances that life presents to us. And it is good. Otherwise, we would be completely confused.

Life puts a person in a framework he did not choose. We don’t know what destiny is prepared for us, who we shall meet today, what will happen to us on our way to work or back home, what to expect for our children and relatives.

We have no knowledge of what will happen to us; if we live a day without too much suffering, we are lucky: “Thank G-d! The day went well!”

Who are we compared to the universe with its endless stars and planets? Tiny bugs crawling on the surface of the Earth whose whole lives are devoted to the struggle for survival.

And yet, we ask what the purpose of our lives is and are concerned about the purpose of our existence, the possibility of determining our future, managing the destiny of our families, people, countries, and the entire world. Everything depends on our ability to question ourselves about the ultimate goal of our development. We depend on the level from which we ask this questions and the accuracy of our search for the answer to it.

There is a general developmental program that works in the world. If we look closer at our lives, we’ll see that it is not us who make decisions; we are inside a matrix program. This program works on us constantly, inputting new parameters in our existence and places us in different external and internal conditions.

Our cognition is made up of our inner experiences in our minds and hearts, bodily sensations, and things we perceive around us. As a result, we constantly advance and process internal and external data in accordance with programs that we don’t know about.

The program is installed in us at the time of birth; it continues with our upbringing. We are not the ones who define it. In other words, we don’t have any decision making power in life. We see that a guy and a girl meet “accidentally,” then marry and live many years together. Why does it happen? We are incapable of answering even this one simple question.

When we strive to understand our life path, the general program of nature that moves us ahead to a special goal, if we learn what goal we aspire to, we need the wisdom of Kabbalah. Of all earthly sciences, there is only one that tells us about human development that is beyond the material limitations and above our universe.

The wisdom of Kabbalah talks about the governing and controlling vectors that begin outside our Universe and impact our tiny globe and the people who live on this planet.

The wisdom of Kabbalah talks about a special purpose of human beings that we have to pursue. Our advancement is unconscious; it happens under the influence of a power that forces us to progress.

However, as a result of the evolution, humanity will reach a state when people have to choose whether they want to continue their advancement consciously, willfully, and knowingly or not.

Unity increases our desire, thus empowering us to reach the goal that is set for us by nature.

To be continued
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 9/8/15

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