At The Turning Point From The Past To The Future

Dr. Michael LaitmanLuckily, we were born in the era of transition. After billions of historical processes that took place in our universe and on Earth, we have found ourselves at the turning point from the past to the future, when we ourselves have to realize the transition from an egoistic, individual, and detached system to an altruistic, integral, and analog one.

In all past generations, we existed in an egoistic desire acting linearly, each for his own sake. Now, under the influence of nature, we are forced to feel that we must change our entire outlook and all the actions in our world for our future existence.

Since humanity has become globally connected, we cannot continue to act individually because in this case, we will inflict harm on ourselves. Each day this new system, this general, global, and integral relationship becomes more revealed to everybody and apparent to thousands of people in the world.

In the science of Kabbalah, we do not guess but actually investigate how the next spiritual level of humanity will rise in our time and how this system is created. Moreover, we study not only the system itself, but also the method of reaching it: how one can rise to it, without waiting for nature to start pushing us from behind as usual.

During all the previous stages of our egoistic development, nature only propelled us from behind. We were given a bit of egoism and rushed forward in attempts to satisfy it. We felt more egoism and ran in the other direction in search of another fulfillment.

We were advancing in a zigzag manner: We built society, an education system, and family, brought up children, created states, technology, industry, and so on. All this was caused by the development of egoism which urged us to seek more and more contentment.

But now we have a problem: Egoism no longer drives us. However, we are pulled together by the unfolding integral system, integral nature, which compels us to connect together to continue our existence.

That is, technology, families, social relationships, politics, countries, and schools, everything that has been created suddenly stops working because we can no longer function in this world with our past egoistic drive. Now we can only advance using a different system, the system of general interconnection. But we enter it with our past actions, habits, laws, and our public relations.

We find ourselves in a completely different system. We have a different attitude towards the world than the way it should be today, different from what the world requires from us. It turns out that we have to do something with ourselves, and we don’t know what. We don’t know how to connect with each other in order to correspond to the world.

How can we achieve this connection? How can we convince ourselves that this is necessary? Although many people today understand this logically, they are still unable to find the answer to these questions.

So today we are in this transition from the lower degree to the higher one. This transition is not the usual shift from one formation to another, from one technological level to the other, how it used to be in the past. Now, we are in a qualitative transition, not a quantitative one.

A qualitative transition is not merely a change in the quality of our lives, in the quality of the relationship between us, but a complete change in everything that happened in the past. The world must become totally different. This is our problem.

The world has become different and closer to us, but we don’t know how to feel it correctly yet; we are still in the old ideology, consciousness, and perception. As if we found ourselves in an unknown space, and thus, cannot operate properly inside it.

Because of our wrong actions, all of our previous ways of experiencing life have led us to a so-called crisis today. Hopefully, we quickly realize that we need to change. The science of Kabbalah talks about this. I hope it will help not only us but all the people in the world to come to this.
From the Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 7/17/2011

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